Source: Press Release 3/20/2013

Momentis Offers Carbon Offset Program

DALLAS, March 19, 2013 - Momentis, a member of the Just Energy Group of companies, is excited to announce the launch of JustGreen™ Lifestyle, a green energy initiative designed to educate and empower everyone - from students, to families and businesses - to learn more about their impact on the planet and what they can do to curb harmful carbon emissions linked to climate change.

The pre-launch took place on March 1st, 2013 with a full launch slated for March 22nd in Dallas. Momentis is the innovative network marketing arm of Just Energy that provides clean energy product solutions, and more, via the independent entrepreneurship sales model.

Available through Momentis Independent Representatives, JustGreen Lifestyle can help consumers reduce their energy-related environmental footprint. The program pursues clean and renewable energy solutions that support green projects across North America.These include solar, hydro, wind power, and methane capture facilities. The goal is to increase consumer awareness of the amount of carbon pollution we create and promote an action plan, through carbon offsets, to help people reduce and even neutralize their personal and household carbon footprint. Through the program, participants have the option to allocate the carbon offsets to a green energy project that is meaningful to them.

"We are excited to expand on our delivery channels through partnership with Momentis to bring our carbon offset program to more and more consumers across North America" says GP Manalac, JustGreen Executive VP. "While we benefit from the many modern conveniences available at our disposal, every one of us contributes to the release of harmful carbon emissions in our day to day activities. As a result, we all need to take personal responsibility for the environmental impact we have on the planet, for current generations and those to come."

A 'carbon footprint' refers to the amount of carbon pollution created by an individual in a given period, usually measured in tonnes or pounds. The average person creates 48,488 pounds of carbon every year. That's equivalent to removing 110 trees or adding four more cars on the road during that same period.

On behalf of its customers, the company has invested over $70 Million on green energy projects to date.

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