Source: Press Release 3/20/2013

ForeverGreen Expands Sales to 37 New Countries

OREM, Utah, Mar 20, 2013 -- ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, a leading provider of nutritional foods and other healthy products, today announced during 2012 the company was strongly active in 17 countries. During the soft launch of its new products in 2013, the company has increased this number to 54.

Ron Williams, CEO, stated, "A large driver of this new success is our new FG Xpress brand. We currently sell product to every continent and have gained strong traction in Brazil, India, Russia, Northern and Central Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Based on interest and requests we expect our product to be sold in over 100 countries within six months. This is a trend we see continuing. The launch of our new products allows us to ship, fairly easily, to nearly anywhere in the world. We are excited to continue to deliver the financial results to our shareholders, and look forward to the continued growth."

ForeverGreen is encouraged with the future of the FG Xpress model featuring Power Strips and feels that its members and shareholders alike will feel the same. Power Strips are a patented fusion of energy and ancient herbs. Everyone needs energy, while many need relief. Power Strips are worn daily and feature a state-of-the-art, water-soluble adhesive technology with a proprietary blend of herbs, minerals, and ForeverGreen's exclusive marine phytoplankton.

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