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Limitless Worldwide Featured in Shape Magazine

SALT LAKE CITY, May 22, 2013 -- Limitless Worldwide(TM), LLC, only made its official debut three months ago, yet it's already becoming one of the most talked about network marketing companies in the world. The latest to add fuel to the Limitless frenzy is Shape magazine, which ran a feature on how Limitless is helping women find their dream job... and make serious money doing it. The article, called "Opportunity Knocks," hits newsstands tomorrow in Shape's June issue, and it's already generating a huge amount of buzz.

"Although Limitless can provide everyone with a fantastic opportunity to own their own business and be their own boss, Shape was especially interested in our company for what it offers women," says Melyn Campbell, veteran network marketer and co-founder of Limitless Worldwide. "Shape is helping spread the word that not only does Limitless offer highly specialized, scientifically validated health and beauty products that get real results, but we can help women have a chance to become truly successful business owners."

The Shape article tells the story of Lizz Perkins, one woman who is finding serious success with Limitless Worldwide. Perkins had been a business owner and clothing store manager, but she grew tired of working 14-hour days to support herself. She'd tried network marketing in the past, but never found a company she really believed in... until she met Steve and Melyn Campbell. The Campbells, who have over twenty years of experience in the network marketing industry and who are ranked in the top twenty all-time network marketing earners, told Perkins about their newest venture, Limitless Worldwide. Perkins tells Shape, "I was skeptical, but as soon as I met with the founders, I realized the company could have staggering growth potential."

The article goes on, "What was different this time? For starters, science: There were clinical studies backing up the efficacy of everything in the line, from supplements to facial serums. And even though Limitless was in its infancy, it was piggybacking off another company with decades of experience." Perkins decided to give it a go, and within three months she was making enough money to quit her day job and start focusing exclusively on Limitless.

With all the media attention Limitless has been enjoying, it's quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies in history. It seems people everywhere are tired of the daily grind traditional nine to five jobs can bring. Steve Campbell says, "People are turning to network marketing because they're tired of traditional jobs that put them at the mercy of the economy. They want to improve their lives on their own terms, and Limitless is giving them the chance to do just that." And for distributors like Perkins, Limitless truly is a game changer. She tells Shape: "To have such flexibility while making money for myself and helping the hundreds of people I lead reap the financial rewards has been life-changing."

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