Source: 3/7/2007

Forever Green Press Release

NEW HEALTH DISCOVERY IS REALLY WORKING!! Total Whole Food Nutrition is essential to your health! Marine Phytoplankton is here!

Date Released: 03/05/2007 Marine Phytoplankton was 8 years in the making and now is aiding in natural nutrition to edify every cell in the body. ForeverGreen has the only "rights" to this miracle product. A $30 million dollar sea farm has replicated phytoplankton (single celled plants that feeds the fish in the sea) which has 400 times more energy than the human body can make in 1 year. That energy helps to reduce bacteria and viruses and heal the body naturally. The product "Frequensea" has several other nutrients to help aid the healing process. They all promote: General Nutrition, nourish the eyes and nerves, promote cardiovascular health, supports normal cholesterol levels, promotes normal blood sugar levels, supports the liver, promotes healthy skin, provides energy, supports the immune system. Marine Phytoplankton is responsible for making up to 90% of the Earths oxygen. The body is a self healing mechanism and will perform miracles by the minute when we learn to honor its intelligence. Nothing honors the body like FrequenSea! In just two short years ForeverGreen has expanded into 8 countries worldwide. Canada, U.S., Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlans, Japan, and Singapore. ForeverGreen has also just gone Public on the stock market. (FVRG). This network marketing company has finally done everything right! For more information please contact Taina McArthur.

About ForeverGreen Network Marketing company has harvested the Superfood of the Future with 2 patents pending with it's unique process. Marine Phytoplankton heals the body because it is MICRO algae that has over 400 x the energy of what our bodies produce in a year. The product is called FrequenSea which is "Total Whole Food Nutrition" in just one shot glass a day! ForeverGreen is an Eco Friendly company putting more marine phytoplankton back into the sea than it uses to produce FrequenSea. Company now on the Stock Market! (FVRG)

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