Source: Press Release 9/7/2013

Vidacup International Announces Strategic Partnership

Charlotte, NC September 06, 2013 -- Vidacup International announces a strategic partnership with Globus Holdings, a global investment company with focus on direct selling industry. With the expertise and strategic relationships that Globus has developed in the industry, Vidacup is positioned to become a leading company in the functional beverage segment of the global direct selling industry.

"Partnering with Globus Holdings puts Vidacup International on the right track to gain huge market share within our segment of the market. Globus Holdings has the financial strength to take Vidacup where I always envisioned it to be - a global billion dollar company." says Jeff Mack, CEO of Vidacup International. "The partners of Globus with their experience, their drive, passion, and mentorship, will propel us years ahead of schedule. We are excited for our Brand Promoters, our corporate team, and for everyone involved in Vidacup International."

"Our Brand Promoters will benefit immediately from this partnership." says Donna Valdes, CMO of Vidacup International. "We just launched our new technology platform coined Vidacup Web 2.0. However, that is just the beginning. Our long term marketing plans are aggressive and well thought out. It truly is the best time to get involved in Vidacup."

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