Source: Press Release 12/20/2014

UndercoverWear Reinvents its 37 Year Old Brand

UndercoverWear Reinvents its 37 Year Old Brand

Tewksbury, MA December 17, 2014 -- Family-owned lingerie company, UndercoverWear Inc, has a plan to avoid a gradual fade into obscurity to which so many of its competitors have fallen victim. This month, President Jamie Jamitkowski, son of founders Walter and Tiffany James, kicked off the first part a three-year plan to give a full body makeover to the company responsible for starting the "Home Romance Party" industry.

On December 5, 2015, the company launched the new e-commerce store, has a way to serve a whole new population of shoppers where they spend 90% of their time each day, online.

"I saw huge corporations like Blockbuster and industry veterans like Lia Sophia, right down to local business legends like Hilltop Steak House close their operations" said Jamitkowski. "I didn't want that to be us. I knew we had to reinvent ourselves, our brand, and how we reach the consumer."

The UCW Boutique features new styles that focus on comfortable sleepwear, clothing, spa products and lingerie for "Real Women" today that did not match the party plan pricing or romance product line. UndercoverWear's new business model will cater to the fashion-conscious woman in her 30s, 40s, and 50s with multiple brands under the UndercoverWear umbrella.

This brand overhaul is the next step for UndercoverWear, who in October, transitioned their Home Party division to LOVEWINX, Inc., a California-based party-plan company. LOVEWINX will expand the classic UndercoverWear product line of lingerie, romance lotions and adult toys at prices to better support the Home Party model. Both Jamitkowski and founder, Tiffany James, remain active and involved with LOVEWINX for continued growth.

"Party Plan is a huge part of my legacy and I wanted to find a way to keep it going," said James. "this transition will allow our Home Party division to grow like never before while allowing UndercoverWear to branch out in different directions."

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