Source: Press Release 4/2/2014

ForeverGreen Unveils New Product

OREM, Utah, Apr 02, 2014 -- via PRWEB - ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, a leading provider of nutritional foods and other healthy products, showcased its new product SolarStrips on March 28, 2014. SolarStrips, which are currently available, utilize patented strip technology and ingredients which helps provide the body with nutritious food to properly function.

SolarStrips is a dissolvable "breath strip" that contains all natural ingredients. SolarStrips contain wild marine phytoplankton. It is placed directly on the tongue and provides the user with health and energy benefits.

"SolarStrips are bringing you the best whole food on the planet so that you can take your health and quality of life to the next level," said Ron Williams, CEO. ForeverGreen is proud to bring you the best Phytoplankton on the planet in its purest form, Alpha-3 CMP. Our company is the exclusive recipient of the only known mass produced pure wild marine phytoplankton in the world. We believe that we are the only company that can produce marine phytoplankton in levels that achieve the necessary benefits in humans. NASA has been studying the positive effects of its key ingredient for many decades. The product can be taken daily and by adults and children alike."

"As a result of its far reaching benefits and the ease of shipping the product, the company anticipates this product to become one of its best-selling products. Like PowerStrips, the product can be sold globally and provides people with an easy way to take care of some of their health needs. The company anticipates continuing to enhance its current product line and staying true to its healthier body mission."

About SolarStrips

SolarStrips technology is based on nature's oldest whole food that is now the newest whole food for the human race. Marine Phytoplankton (whole food of the ocean) is a microscopic plant life that supports life in the sea. Ninety percent of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from Phytoplankton. Twice a day is an optimum dosage but can be taken more often without side effects. SolarStrips are not a miracle cure for any disease, but does provide the body with an incredible array of synergistic nutrients that can fuel our cells, our enzymatic pathways and our vital organs.

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