Source: Press Release 5/17/2014

SevenPoint2 Announces Weight Loss Made Simple Challenge

Newport Beach, CA May 17, 2014 -- The SevenPoint2 WLMS (Weight Loss Made Simple) Challenge runs from June 1, 2014 to August 30th 2014. To enter the SevenPoint2 WLMS Challenge simply photograph your current weight in an appropriate but revealing outfit (stretch clothing or other) and document the date either by digital date stamp, or witnessed by someone who can attest to the accuracy of the photo to the challenge website.

Dated newspaper photos and actual weight scale photos are not necessary though additionally convincing. Continue the challenge through the suggested use of the SevenPoint2 products for as long as you wish to see progress or achieve your weight goal within the 60 day challenge or earlier.

Prizes will be awarded based on the submitted testimonials to the company and the company is looking forward to slimming in over 16 different countries through the alkaline diet movement. Prizes include a first, second and third place prize purse totaling $4000.00, Weight Loss Made Simple Packs and a Alkaline Diet "Trio Pack" for testimonial submissions that are accepted for publication.

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