Source: 2/18/2015

WakeUpNow Shuts Down US Affiliate Operations

Company Blames Former CEO

WakeUpNow has closed all of its network marketing operations in the U.S. and laid the blame solely 9on its former CEO, Kirby Cochran. The company filed a lawsuit against Cochran and his family members who worked at WakeUpNow, alleging that Cochran bled the company dry with "rampant and reckless spending," gave jobs to family members including his wife, son and brother, and set up a "sham consulting agreement' with a company he secretly set up, requiring WakeUpNow to pay $4.00 per month per active salesperson, to "suck 100% of the profits from WUN."

The suit also alleges that Cochran "caused excessive personal and corporate expenditures despite the Corporation's relative cash positions, engaged in side-dealings with employees and affiliates...and negatively affect(ing) corporate morale by installing surveillance cameras throughout employee work areas, and creepily commenting to attractive young women that he was watching over them."

A letter by Phil Polich, who replaced Cochran as CEO, appeared on WakeUpNow's Facebook page, reading in part, "By taking advantage of the office of Chief Executive Officer Kirby Cochran had made decisions that put the company on an irreparable negative trajectory; and sadly, he went to great lengths to keep many of these decisions secret from the rest of the management team and board of directors...effective immediately, WakeUpNow will cease all network marketing operations in the United States. We will continue to sell our products...I will continue to work with the creditors and vendors in anticipation of getting all obligations resolved."

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