Source: 2/4/2009

Melaleuca Moves Into New Building

Melaleuca has a new home in Idaho Falls, and Monday managers showed it off. Members from the community came out for the ribbon cutting and to see the new store. With the state the economy is in, Melaleuca is doing quite well. It's even hit record highs, reporting a twenty eight million dollar increase in 2008.

The company leaders think a big reason they're doing so well is because of the way they advertise.

Melaluca CEO Frank Vandersloot said, "You can't say much in a 30 second spot but when your friend, or mother, or family member, someone you trust comes and tells you this product is really good, it's really good. We think that's the way to get the word out and that puts a lot of pressure on us to have good products. People wouldn't say good things about them if they weren't good."

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