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XanGo Hosts Thai Trade Delegation

LEHI, UT – Today, XanGo founders and executives hosted a trade delegation representing the Royal Thai Government, led by Ms. Chantira J. Vivatrat, executive director of Thai Trade Center in Los Angeles and commercial consul to the Royal Thai Consulate Los Angeles. During today’s visit, the delegation recognized XanGo’s “creative use of mangosteen,” the national fruit of Thailand, and presented the company with a certificate of appreciation for being one of the pioneers in bringing mangosteen to a global market. XanGo is the recognized category creator and global market leader of mangosteen products led by flagship product XanGo® Juice as well as Glimpse™ Topical Skin Nutrition.

In addition to receiving the certificate of appreciation from the Thai government, XanGo shared its experiences with harvesting and exporting mangosteen from Thailand to its growing customer base that now reaches over 30 countries worldwide. The XanGo and Thai delegations agreed to increase cooperation between the two entities as the mangosteen continues to gain greater popularity around the globe.

XanGo Host Royal Thai Government Representatives

“Thailand is a very important country to XanGo and we continue to maintain positive relations with the Thai government as well as an ongoing commitment to the Thai people,” said Bryan Davis, founder and board member at XanGo, LLC. “In addition to having played a key role in bringing knowledge of this amazing fruit to a global customer base, we also continue to reinvest in Thailand and look for ways to give back to the country that has given us so much.”

According to the Thai government, food is the nation’s largest export, expected to generate more than US $25 billion in receipts by the end of this year. Included in this export tally is Thailand’s rich harvest of tropical herbs and fruits, a perfect match for the growing nutritional products industry.

The delicious, nutritious mangosteen, highly revered in Thailand as its national fruit, continues to gain popularity in the U.S. and around the world. Rich in xanthones and other phytonutrients and antioxidants that support healthy living, the whole mangosteen fruit as found exclusively in XanGo Juice provides a unique combination of great taste and health benefits. Mangosteen products may be purchased through one of more than one million independent XanGo distributors around the world or by visiting www.xango.com.

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