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Update: WCM777 has closed their US offices with this notice: The USA operation is closed. The company’s US customer service center, City of Industry office is closed. The company’s US customer service phone number will remain the same, as will the email address. October 4, 2013

WCM777 is a direct selling e-commerce company based in Hong Kong. The company held a grand opening in the United States in June 2013. The three letters in WCM777 represent ‘’We Create Market.’’ WCM777 is the marketing arm of Word Capital Market Inc., a merchant banking and advisory company with locations and joint venture partners in China, the United States, Israel and Japan.

WCM777’s product offerings are cloud computing services. These include WCM Cloud Space, a cloud services platform offering instant messaging, mail boxes and file sharing for individuals and groups; WCM Cloud Music Station, providing users with public and private music channels based on the user’s preferences; WCM Cloud Books Library, which currently has over 100,000 Chinese books for online reading and downloading; and the Kingdom Card, a customer loyalty points card. The Kingdom Card’s purpose is to give bonuses to customers and to help merchants increase customer loyalty and profits.

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