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Yevo is a new company currently in pre-launch and with plans to be headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Yevos goal is to be the largest "Food MLM" ever, launching in the US, then Mexico, Korea and Japan with facilities and personel in each of those locations.

Yevo has announced that their food line will contain over 100 common foods that all provide 43 essential macro and micro nutrients. All foods sold by Yevo will be in dehydrated form with a shelf life of over three years. Each meal pricing has an average price of $4.00 and includes 50% of the daily requirements for 43 essential nutrients, with 500 calories or less per serving.

Yevo claims their dehydration process is unique and the subject of several pending patent applications. Yevo states that all food ingredients will be grown in the USA, and that a 95,000 square foot manufacturing facility has been purchased in Reno and is undergoing retrofitting.

Yevo's marketing tools will include cross platform social media marketing tools for iPads, smartphones and computers.

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