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My Shopping Genie is a website where members can find bargains on everyday items. Run by MyNet Universe, My Shopping Genie claims their online shopping product is not only a way to save on the things people buy, but a way to earn money as well.

According to My Shopping Genie, Anytime a member shops online through a search engine, the genie pops up to guide them through the cyberspace hype to the best deals. It gives the consumer multiple options from many websites so they can find the best bargain instead of relying on a buyers' club to choose what that might be. Virtual stores do not have to worry about stocking shelves and competing shelf space as retail stores in the real world. But they do compete for search engine space. The best products may not be listed at the top of search engines. My Shopping Genie seeps through cyberspace to find the real deals, not the ones the search engine charged the retailer to place near the top.

The second opportunity is to become an affiliate with My Shopping Genie. The affiliates receive free genies which they can give away. This "try it out and see" tactic encourages others to use the service. If they show someone else how to use the free genie they give them, and that person then purchases a product online, the member is in essence helping to promote that product. Internet merchant companies will pay the affiliates for their part in leading others to their website. The more people that affiliate leads to products through My Shopping Genie, the more affiliated finder fees they can earn. This allows a member to make income virtually 24/7 - while they go about their normal daily activities. My Shopping Genie is a division of MyNet Universe.

My Shopping Genie Company Overview

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My Shopping Genie
MyNetUniverse Inc
12140 Woodcrest Executive Drive Suite 300
Creve Coeur Missouri 63141
Phone: 314-720-7000
Fax: 314-720-7000
Conference Number: 512-404-1270

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
David Freed, President
Bruce Bice, Co-Founder, Master Distributor

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Bruce  Bise / Co-Founder, Master Distributor
David  Freed / President

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