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Calvenn Starre, VP of Business Development

A graduate from Texas Tech University, Calvenn began working his way up the corporate ladder, from Outside Sales Representative to the youngest partner and Vice President of an International Natural Gas Company in Houston, Texas.

As a proven leader and a spirited entrepreneur, Calvenn was recruited by Tony Robbins as a Top Peak Performance Trainer for Fortune 500 Companies. Within 6 months, he was the #1 Trainer for the Anthony Robbins Companies. He maintained his position as one of Tony's Peak Performance Trainers in the United States for 2 years before resigning.

In 2001, Calvenn founded All Legal Credit, a credit consulting/coaching company. In less than 1-year, he reached his capacity in personal clients. This inspired him to create the #1 Digital Resource on Credit Repair which now helps 10s of thousands of people. It was here that Calvenn began to understand the power of leveraging yourself and reaching more people.

In 2003, Calvenn co-founded an online shopping boutique, which would later have products featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show’s “2005 Greatest Things” and be recognized around the world.

In 2004, Calvenn once again entered the world of Network Marketing with a Functional Juice Company. Along with traditional methods, his online marketing and branding helped create an organization of more than 65,000 distributors and still growing. As the #1 Enroller with that company, he personally helped thousands of distributors with the opportunity to create a passive income.

Today, with Amega Global, his mission continues as he assists others with creating the lifestyles of freedom and abundance.

“With the Amega Products and Leadership, I feel blessed to be a part of the team as we launch in the USA. I know that Amega Products are changing the world one person at a time and I am committed to insuring their success.”

4/13/2010 Source: Amega Global Website

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