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Dennis D'Alessio, CEO / Founder

Dennis D'Alessio graduated from the University of Southern California in 1987 with a BS in Business and a second in Entrepeneurial studies. Mr. D'Alessio joined Nynex Corp ( formerly New York Telephone ) in 1987-1990 as an advertising executive and achieved the highest sales honors company wide. In 1990, Mr. D'Alessio wrote the first business plan for an Internet Yellow Pages company. In 1991, Mr. D'Alessio aquired The Boaters Directory from Nynex and formed Marine Publications (MPC). MPC grew to become the largest circulating publication in the boating industry and Mr. D'Alessio currently serves on the Board of Directors. In 1998, Mr. D'Alessio founded, a private label provider of Internet yellow pages for some 5,000 web properties, including Mind Spring and Tera / Lycos. In 2002, was merged with Online Yellow Pages to become the first profitable Internet yellow pages company. WOMM LCC has licensed the brand and certain technologies, and has recruited Mr. D'Alessio to lead a taem of professionals to re-purpose, using state of the art viral marketing and an enhanced Internet platform as the potential to revolutionize teh entire local marketing landscape.

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