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Founder, President and CEO, Uprize

Glen Jensen is a 22-year veteran of the Direct Sales Industry, with humble roots beginning as a customer service representative while he was attending college. He believes that experience, and his subsequent climb up the network marketing ladder, was crucial to prepare him for what he is about to do. He believes the Direct Sales industry has the ability to change and influence the lives of all that it touches. His goal is to bring success to millions around the world, but to do this he knew he would need to develop a process that would redefine the entire industry. Glen has developed revolutionary operations and processes that allow quick and effective market expansion and support around the globe. Glen has always believed in a “Better way”. He continues to challenge the status quo and continues to look for ways to help others accomplish their dreams. He believes that we should not limit our beliefs or dreams and that often the unreachable is just around the corner.
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Founder and CEO, Agel International

The Founder and CEO, Glen Jensen, started in customer service and worked with NuSkin in early 89 to 92 helping to grow the company from $2-3 million per month to about $800 million per year. Glen later worked as one of three Americans at a pharmaceutical company in Japan acting as liaison with the US FDA. He then took Neways to Japan and Russia building revenues of $6 million per month in those markets within a 2 year period. During his time there the company went from $600 thousand per month in revenue to $40-$50 million per month. Glen then took Enrich to Russia adding 200 thousand distributors.

Most recently Glen founded Synergy Worldwide, successfully launching in Japan. After the company was recognized as the 8th fastest growing new business in America, he sold the company to Nature's Sunshine and remained President of the company for a couple of years.

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