Joe Perry

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Joe Perry, President and CEO

Joe co-founded Seyforth Laboratories, Inc. in 1975 and U.S. Laboratories, Inc. in 1976. These companies produced combined annual sales in excess of $100 million within 3 years of start-up. In the 80’s, he founded CCA, Inc, where he developed and marketed health products, performed laboratory services and provided training for health professionals, the public and industry. A multi-million dollar subsidiary, Futuron Industries, Inc. also formulated and sold dietary supplements to the public via direct sales. Another company he formed, Total Living Concepts/TLC Nutrition purchased CCA and Futuron. In 1999, Joe began corporate consulting including companies within the $13 billion Omnicom Group. Projects included growth and acquisition strategies, product launch, improving time-to-market, promotional and incentive programs, satellite communications, interactive distance learning, product launches, brand development and support, online testing and certification, sales and marketing programs, and development of strategic alliances. Now with One24, he has been instrumental in the company’s rapid ascent.

12/28/2012 Source: One24 About Us Page

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