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Mark Battista, Executive Vice President

Mark Battista has twenty years of experience with start-up ventures in the telecommunications, construction, environmental, manufacturing, and gaming industries. He received his BS in electrical engineering from Michigan State University. He currently holds a masters degree in business administration from SMU.

As founder and Vice President for L. Battista Electrical Construction he managed a 300-employee, $25 million organization for 10 years. After acquiring Voice Retrieval & Information Services in 1989, he has been instrumental in developing one of the largest local real estate networks in the country. Voice Retrieval also provides electronic and web-based voting services for state and local governments. In 1987, he established National Waste Inc., a non-hazardous liquid waste treatment facility in Dallas, Texas, which was later sold to a large waste company in Houston Texas. Mark recently joined the Aerus Holdings team as EVP, and will be responsible for manufacturing, engineering, IT, distribution, and other key areas of DBG Group where he also serves as EVP.

4/11/2010 Source: Vollara Leadership Team Page

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