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Mark Bishop, Director of Operations

Mark Bishop brings a great skill set to the Xyngular management team. Right out of college, Mark has most often thought of himself as a technologist, having worked for both Digital Technology and The Atlanta Journal/Constitution Delta Airlinesin technology roles. Throughout these experiences, it became clear that although he loves technology, what he thrives on is managing the people and projects that make things happen. In 2000, Mark led the web hosting team for and grew that business from several thousand web sites to over 6 Million sites. Mark was then promoted to General Manager for United Online (UNTD), a NASDAQ traded Internet Company, where he oversaw all aspects of the business including Product development, Technology, Marketing, Customer Service and HR.
Mark continued to hone his finance skills when he launching a successful Charter School with a group of talented individuals. Mark serves as volunteer CFO of this K-9 publicly funded school with an enrollment of 640 students, and serves on its Board of Trustees. He successfully landed a $10 million bond to secure the facility needed for this school.
Mark has built a number of great teams over the years and he firmly believes that a critical key to building a successful company lies in building the right team. Itís Markís philosophy that if you spend the time and effort in surrounding yourself with the right people, hard work will lead to amazing success. Whether itís building a technology team, a support team or even a team of educators, building the right team with the right vision will lead to a successful outcome.

1/11/2010 Source: Xyngular Executive Team Page

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