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Nigel Allan, President

Nigel has a strong marketing and business background, starting out in 1980 as a copywriter for major London advertising agencies. He entered the direct sales industry in 1985 and has had a varied and successful career, having been responsible for creating and training teams of tens of thousands of independent sales people around the World, both pre- and post-Internet.

Additionally he has been involved in management of major USA and domestic direct selling companies from product development, launches and field training through to logistics and support. An all-rounder, Nigelís expertise is much sought after on both sides of the Atlantic and is an acknowledged expert on international expansion for direct selling companies.

He has innovated in product development too, pioneering several concepts in skin care and health products which other companies have since adopted as their primary marketing platform, and as a result was a guest speaker at a major international symposium of scientists in 1998.

10/31/2011 Source: Ausante Executive Team Page

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