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Tahir Ali, Chief Operating Officer

r the past 12 years Tahir as the Managing Director of Topsites Internet Limited has beena major software supplier to the direct selling industry in Europe.

After being approached to work on the Ausante project, Tahir decided to join the company as a shareholder and take on a morestrategic role. For Ausante, Tahir and and his highly experienced team will manage the day to day Operations of the Business, including Technology, Finance, Communications, Support and Translations.

Ausante is the culmination of Tahirís career as a service provider to the industry and he has brought all his skills and services in-house with Ausante to help manage our worldwide growth.

All of this gives Ausante a major competitive advantage, unlike our competitors,we donot need to outsource our IT to third party companies making sure that our information is always secure and under control.Having all of the Administrative systems under one centralcontrolmeans that our teams can work together to solveproblems quickly and adapt our business to the needs of the future.

10/31/2011 Source: Ausante Executive Team Page

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