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Paul Gravette, Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Co-founder and Co-CEO of Le-Vel, a privately held cloud-based direct sales company with its primary brand “Thrive” being the focal point of Le-Vel’s product offerings. The Thrive nutritional supplement line is based on unique and proprietary nutritional formulas designed for those who have a desire to lifestyle their way to optimal health. The Le-Vel premium product line and online rewards plan has garnered over 150,000+ new customers and Brand Promoter enrollments in less than 24 months due to its focus on retail sales and bonuses based on sales volume.

The company’s vertical growth can be attributed to their proprietary product formulations with social proof of efficacy, contemporary product branding, vibrant labeling, cloud-based operations, and marketing techniques that leverage social media platforms. Le-Vel’s “Premium Lifestyle” business culture is attractive to a broad demographic and fully embraced by their Customers and Brand Promoters. A limited number of early released magazines have been made available to Le-Vel's Brand Promoters. Le-Vel has been recently featured in the November edition of Success From Home Magazine and

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Cal Nutrasciences
Paul Gravette, CNI Co-Founder

Admired and praised as an internet, Direct Sales business icon, CNI co-founder Paul Gravette has built a solid reputation for entrepreneurial excellence. With more than 14 years in the Direct Sales industry, Paul has been instrumental in the record-breaking sales of several highly recognized companies. He’s built sales organizations totaling more than 1,000,000 people, created growth in one company that totaled more than 2,300% during its first two years in business, and he is on the fast track to make his newest endeavor, Cal Nutrasciences, into a mega-billion dollar brand. He has every quality necessary to lead CNI to success—a clear vision of the path to prosperity, incredible drive and energy, a passion for living life, and a track record of success. Paul’s remarkable business savvy is only matched by his heart-felt passion for mentoring people from all walks of life and showing them how working hard, moving fast and seizing opportunities are the keys to making positive things happen. Paul will tell you that the key to his success is being able to envision special opportunities and then taking action.

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Paul Gravette, Executive Vice President and Founder

Paul Gravette was raised in Kentucky, where he learned to work hard, set goals and dream big. Paul attended Murray State University where he studied marketing. At an early age, Paul joined the direct sales industry. Paul has built sales organizations totaling more than 1,000,000 people during his 14 year career. By the age of 26, Paul became the top sales representative in a telecommunications company, where he had direct responsibility for marketing and group development.
This company became one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in history, growing by more than 2,300% during its first two years in business. Additionally, Paul went on to build another company which became one of the largest internet based shopping centers with approximately 500,000 web based customers in just under 18 months.
Paul's leadership style allows him to think as an ACT dealer first and as a company owner second. This, "in the trenches" style has allowed ACT to achieve distinct marketing advantages. Paul's vision and belief system reaches out to people and lets them know that they can achieve anything and everything that they set their sites on. Under Paul's direction, some ACT milestones include over 3,000 enrollees in one day and more than 30,000,000 servings of A.C.T. in the first 24 months.
Paul's vision to compete in the booming energy drink market has been a massive success. He knew the marketplace was ready for a life changing "healthy" energy drink and he knew that he could work with Mark McKnight to create that drink. Paul and Mark worked closely with a team of scientists and natural ingredient experts to create A.C.T., the world's "Feel Good ENERGY Drink".
"My vision for DrinkACT is to build a strong brand that represents the best of Results and Value in the marketplace. I believe that to achieve greatness, you must first know your "Why". Then, you must GO-GO-GO, living by daily written goals until you accomplish your dreams. Remember, goals in writing are dreams with deadlines."

5/7/2008 Source: DrinkACT Management Page

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