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Reuben Borg, President

Mr. Reuben Borg, President of NanoTech Fuel Inc., is the proud father of three children, all of which he adores. He earned a bachelor degree in business Administration in 1989 with an emphasis in Marketing. He climbed the corporate ladder earning the position of Western Regional Category Management Director for Nabisco Biscuit Co. He planned and strategically implemented the launch of the Snackwell product line, which was an extremely successful healthy snack alternative product that catapulted itself to 31% of total biscuit sales within three short months. He was awarded with an offer to join the upper management team, however, this required the need to relocate his young family, which he held first and foremost, and caused him to respectfully decline the offer.

Mr. Borg formulated the idea for a construction company in 1997. His concept consisted of building and installing the highest quality, value oriented redwood fences, decks, arbors, and retaining walls that the market had ever seen. Positioning his company with a white-collar attitude in the blue-collar arena, he has captured 55% of the market share in Northern California. He has proudly developed Borg Redwood Fences as the beacon of comparison in the industry, a name synonymous with quality and integrity. He now employs approximately 250 individuals across four locations running nearly 50 crews per day. Borg Redwood Fences is known for unmatched quality at reasonable prices with unexpected levels of sophisticated, consistent customer service.

In 2004, Mr. Borg built a 20,000 square foot, Leed Certified, building in Pleasanton, California. He continually pursued keeping the environment first during the decision process of the project. This is a commitment he operates by on a daily basis with his business. These conscious decisions have earned him awards from the Small Business Administration (SBA) and state and local governments. Some achievements include the deployment of solar panels on the roof of his facility which incorporates a 100KW photovoltaic (solar power) system that sustains the entire building including nine electric powered forklifts. Excess electricity is given back to the grid. He recycles all usable wood, previously considered waste, and produces wood chips that are colored and used in landscaping applications. Other recycled lumber is manufactured into lattice panels. He recently created an onsite Bio-diesel Production plant that converts waste vegetable oil into environmentally responsible fuel, completely powering 30 midsized diesel trucks. This project reduces approximately 7,000 gallons of diesel purchased each month at his Pleasanton facility.

He uses his "green" viable and profitable business model to educate other business owners how being green is not a nuisance but a profit center and the responsible thing to do.

Mr. Borg has proudly chosen to represent NanoTech Fuel Inc. and feels that the flagship product, eeFuelŪ, has the capability of capturing the international market. The product is positioned in front of the two largest global trends, concern over the environment and the rising cost of fuel.

With his proven devotion to ethics and integrity, Mr. Borg feels that through his education, corporate and entrepreneurial experience, and his esteemed partners that he will be serving the entire organization as an integral part in launching and leading the management of NanoTech Fuel.

10/5/2008 Source: Fuel Legacy International Executive Bio Page

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