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Fuel Saver Group

Fuel Saver Group, a division of Fuel Technology Products, Inc., was incorporated in August 2010 and is based in Costa Mesa, California.

Fuel Saver Group's product is a fuel additive called MPG3™ Fuel Enhancer. MPG3 comes in a solid form, which eliminates the packaging and shipping costs associated with traditional bottled fuel additives. The company claims that MPG3 dissolves completely in fuel to improve mileage, drivability and vehicle performance. MPG3 Fuel Enhancer retails for $29.95 for a 10-tablet package.

MPG3™ Fuel Enhancer
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Greenfoot Global

Greenfoot Global, based in Henderson, Nevada, markets EnviroTabs®, a product that it claims can help reduce harmful emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

The company website describes EnviroTabs® as "an organometallic metal conditioner that acts as a burn rate modifier which catalyzes fuel." The product is a tablet that is put into a vehicle's fuel tank before filling up. EnviroTabs® is sold in a 10-tablet pouch for $24.95.

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Fuel Direct

Fuel Direct 365, a division of NatureRich, markets gas and diesel fuel additives. Fuel Direct claims that Xp3, a biodegradable combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds, improves combustion and increases engine power, reduces fuel consumption, corrosion, and toxic emissions, and increases engine life.

Company Goals

Fuel Direct's mission is "to have Xp3 Gas and Diesel Fuel Additives in 1,000,000 fuel tanks to help reduce harmful, toxic emissions by the end of 2012."

Fuel Direct fuel additive
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EnviroMax Plus

EnviroMax Plus is a fuel additive marketed by EnviroFuel Plus, the exclusive provider of EnviroMax Plus to the commercial industry. EnviroFuel works in conjunction with Extreme Research Inc, the network marketing branch for EnviroMax Plus.

EviroMax Plus fuel additive
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Syntek Global

Syntek Global's Engine Boost 2.0 has been used for over 15 years in the industrial industry. This product has been designed to provide increased gas mileage, prolonged engine life, and reduced emissions in your vehicle, and this is the first time it is being delivered to the public. Individuals can participate in the Syntek Global business opportunity as a distributor of the product, selling the product to consumers and making a retail profit, or can choose to build a sales organization and get paid on a portion of their efforts as well. Those who join the Syntek Global Team have immediate access to Syntek Global's business tools, back-end infrastructure, web development, corporate support, customer service group, and receive a personal website that will be an online store front and personal business tracker.

Syntek Engine Boost 2.0 fuel additive
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Fuel Legacy International

Fuel Legacy International markets a fuel additive called eeFuel, which is designed to improvefuel economy, boost power, reduce emissions, clean combustion chamber deposits, remove piston ring deposits, and protect equipment. Fuel Legacy International distributes eeFuel to domestic and international markets through direct sales by its independent distributors. The research, development and manufacturing company of eeFuel additive has been in existence since 1990.

The Fuel Legacy opportunity offers a low cost to join and maintain, several ways to earn income, a free personalized website with online shopping, complete training, on-going support and mentoring, and a state-of-the-art back office where all of contacts, orders and commissions are tracked automatically.

Fuel Additive
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BPI Worldwide

BPI Worldwide markets a fuel product called Bio Petro Improver. BPI Worldwide was formerly marketing products under the name BioPerformance.

Bio Petro Improver
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Motor Latte

Motor Latte markets and distributes fuel additives and engine lubricants through a network of Independent Business Affiliates. From Motor Latte, Inc. markets and distributes its own line of technologically-superior products needed in today's quest for a cleaner environment and lower operating costs. When you enroll an IBA or have a Preferred Customer place an order you will instantly receive access to your IBA member back office and marketing web site. This online marketing web site allows you to make all your team enrollments and Preferred Customer purchases.

Motor Latte Gas System, Motor Latte Diesel System, Motor Latte Diesel Booster, Motor Latte Engine 12000 lubricant, Motor Latte Gas Booster
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New Quest International

New Quest International was founded in 2006. New Quest markets both heath and automotive products.

Health and Automotive products. RX Generation II and RX Boost.
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Fuel Freedom International

Fuel Freedom International is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Founded by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, Fuel Freedom International markets a fuel additive pill called "MPG-CAPS" that are added directly to car gas tanks with claims of better fuel mileage.

MPG-CAPS come in retail packages of 10 (19.95), 60 (119.95) and 120 (239.95).

The FFI website states: "MPG-Cap™ is a 100% organic engine conditioner that simultaneously improves fuel economy and power by creating a micro-thin coating on the combustion chamber in your engine allowing your fuel to burn more efficiently. "

Fuel Freedom International Review and Product Details


Ethos Fuel Reformulator is a division of the 4-E Corporation. Ethos FR marketing site claims that Ethos Fuel Re-Formulator will save fuel, save oil and save on wear and tear to your engine.

Ethos FR
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BioPerformance markets a gas pill. The BioPerformanc website states claims "The gas pills have the property of modifying the fuel's molecular structure and liberating the energy contained within"

Gas Pill
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