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VidCommX is in pre-launch

VidCommX describes their product as a platform that allows individuals or affiliates to take advantage of a system of email with integrated video. This helps lessen the communication gap between users in a personal or professional environment.

The VidCommX playform gives users the ability to not only send and receive video emails, but also advertise their products via videos on the platform and make money. There is also an affiliate program that gives individuals the opportunity to sign up others and earn money from their videos and advertisements as well.

VidCommX video email platform
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iWowWe, founded in 2007, markets a suite of online video email and communication tools through its network of independent Affiliates.

iWowWe's products include video email, a video communications suite that includes video conferencing, online collaborative tools, a video autoresponder and other business marketing tools. The company also offers 2 Professional Business Packages that provide extended video email and conferencing capabilities for organizations.

Online Video Email and Communication Tools
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WowWe (formerly iWowWe), is a communication software company based in Texas that allows individuals to send video email and conduct online meetings via the Internet from their computers or mobile devices. WowWe has been in business since 2007.

WowWe's core products are video email and video conferencing services, which retail for between $20 and $195 per month. Web-casting services are currently in development.

Company Goals

WowWe is "committed to building the next generation of Web tools, working with companies of all sizes to grow their market share with easy-to-use and powerful communication assets, including application services, software and infrastructure."

Video Email, Online Meetings
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Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion offers members the ability to create and send video emails to friends, family and potential customers for products or services.

Video Email
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