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Npros Interview with Dr. David Friedman, CEO of Chews-4-Health International

Q. Dr. Friedman, you were very successful as an independent network marketer. What inspired you to start your own network marketing company?

Dr. Friedman: During my 20 years in the field, I realized why everyone was being referred to as an “independent” distributor. The word independent means solo, all by yourself. If you don’t have a strong upline to support and motivate you, the only way you can succeed is to think outside the box and create your own plan of action. It’s very difficult for the average person to reinvent the wheel and unfortunately when they’ve exhausted their warm market and have to find new prospects in their cold market, most just give up. That’s why there are so many failures in this industry as well as success stories. Those that do reach financial freedom in network marketing will be the first to tell you that corporate had nothing at all to do with their success. In the direct selling industry, corporate has only three responsibilities: 1) Make sure product is in stock, 2) Orders are shipped, and 3) Distributors get paid. Most companies just create the vehicle for your business and it’s up to you to turn on the ignition and press the accelerator.

The reason I was able to earn six figures per week in this industry is because I showed people under me how to earn 6 figures per month. Their success was the reason for my success. I decided to open my own company to remove the corporate “solo” mentality that keeps the majority from ever succeeding. At Chews-4-Health International, we call our distributors “Team Members” not independent distributors. We offer multiple success systems to support everyone’s growth. From that single soccer mom to the seasoned pro, we give you the tools and the fuel to ignite your business.

Q. How does Chews-4-Health International business opportunity differ from other network marketing companies?

Dr. Friedman: We offer the world’s first and only Two-Infinity™ compensation plan. Unlike a typical binary, which pays 10% commissions on your weaker teams volume, we pay an unprecedented 24% commissions on your weaker and stronger team to infinity! I have never quite understood why a company would penalize someone by holding back commissions from the efforts of their stronger players. With so many other companies making their distributors jump through hoops to max out their pay plan, at Chews-4-Health International, maxing out our plan is as easy as enrolling two! In a head-to-head comparison, a typical binary pays out $400 while we pay $1,200 for the same efforts and same number of people enrolled! When comparing our Two-Infinity™ pay plan to a unilevel, if you earn $10,000 with company B under their unilevel plan, our pay plan would have paid you $24,000 for the same efforts and same number of people enrolled. That’s not even including our infinity matching check bonus, 3% Global Bonus Pool, three tier fast start bonus and Mercedes bonus! When you do the math and dare to compare, there really is no comparison!

Q. You have been recognized as a health expert in magazines and on television. Has this contributed to your success in the industry?

Dr. Friedman: One of my favorite quotes is from Theodore Roosevelt: “No one cares how much you know until you they know how much you care.” As a holistic health practitioner of 25 years, I have a passion for helping others reach optimal health and live life to its fullest. If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to build relationships. When I share my passion for helping others on syndicated TV, radio and in national magazines, it enables me to help our Team Members build a relationship with their organization and prospects. It also creates credibility! Let me give you one example - a team member named Rick told us he tried to sell the product to his next door neighbor with no luck. She just wasn’t interested so he gave up (welcome to network marketing!) One day she was outside and noticed a Chews-4-Health bumper sticker on Rick’s car. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed. “Is that the product Dr. Friedman formulated?! I watch him every week on Lifetime Television. I’m a huge fan! He’s changed my life!” She immediately purchased a box of product and went on autoship. We give Team Members access to our extensive media library and show them how they can use this powerful “relationship building” tool to create a positive difference in people’s lives and build a following. Once people know you genuinely care about them, they will embrace the products you sell and want to be part of your journey.

Q. Where will Chews-4-Health International go next?

Dr. Friedman: We are now doing business in 19 countries, including Japan and soon, we’re adding Australia to our list. When an owner of a direct sales company launches a new country, he gets excited because it brings in additional revenue. Because I’m also the product formulator, I get excited about opening overseas markets because this allows us to reach more people in need of our products and incredible business opportunity. There’s nothing more rewarding than the success stories we get from the other side of the world!

We have 4 first-to-market chewable products that solve today’s most common problems: poor health, weight loss, lack of sleep and a lull in energy. We just launched IGNITEA™, a tea that is so unique it has a worldwide “Patent Pending” status on its delivery system and proprietary ingredients! Unlike tea bags where the leaves and ingredients are heated and discarded, with IGNITEA™, all the ingredients remain. This heating process also helps to expand the blood vessels for quicker absorption and even better results! In less than one minute the alertness, endurance and fatigue fighting ingredients go to work! Because IGNITEA™ offers health enhancing phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants without any of the negative health concerns associated with coffee, it’s a healthier alternative. The tea industry is a $15 Billion dollar business in the USA and $250 Billion worldwide. Chews-4-Health International is an innovator, not an imitator. We now lead the way in the herbal tea direct selling market!

Q. Chews-4-Health has announced a need to fill leadership positions. Can you describe the leadership opportunity?

Dr. Friedman: Distributors in this industry are growing tired of promoting expensive hard to swallow pills, competing in the shake market and selling one of the hundreds of same old super-fruit liquids. If you want to promote first-to-market products and be rewarded with an unprecedented 24% commissions, we gladly welcome you to our family. We are expanding globally and seeking new leadership that can help support our growing network. To learn more go to We have two International Master Distributorship positions available. For this leadership role, you need to have earned 7 figures in network marketing and possess stellar leadership qualities and looking for a permanent place to call home. If this describes you, contact us at to set up an interview for the position. Perks include: percentage override on international markets plus performance incentives. [No signing bonuses!] News Feed

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