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April 2019

Silpada Designs Introduces Exclusive Charm Collection  

LENEXA, Kan., Feb 21, 2012 -- Silpada Designs, the world's largest sterling silver jewelry home party company, has launched an exclusive new collection -- Silpada Charm. The new collection marks the company's first venture into the charm niche, and adds to its existing line of handcrafted .925 sterl...

Source: Press Release

Silpada Designs Introduces Exclusive Charm Collection
Posted 2/21/2012

Silpada Designs on ABC7  

Between the economy and unemployment, more people are taking the direct approach. Direct sales translate into selling products to customers without having a retail store and the large inventory that goes with it. And while the potential for big profits are there, so are some pitfalls if you don't do...


Silpada Designs on ABC7
Posted 8/12/2009

Silpada Designs on NBC40  

Silpada Designs received mention on NBC40 in an article about direct sales:

...EGG HARBOR CITY-- A business that began with two women setting aside $25 dollars of their grocery money to invest in sterling silver jewelry 12 years ago has transformed into a multi million-dollar direct sales business...


Silpada Designs on NBC40
Posted 8/11/2009

Silpada Designs Convention Attracts over 4200  

Silpada Designs attracted over 4200 independent representatives to its convention on July 25th in Kansas City. The Kansas City Star posted a video of representatives at the convention....


Silpada Designs Convention Attracts over 4200
Posted 8/1/2008

Silpada Designs Triggers Gold Rushg  

Silver company triggers a gold rush Lenexa’s Silpada Designs aims to put its jewelry at the forefront of fashion.

It was Jewelry Girls Gone Wild.

Three thousand women from across the country ran into the exhibit hall at the Kansas City Convention Center on Friday morning to get the best...

Source: The Kansas City Star

Silpada Designs Triggers Gold Rushg
Posted 7/15/2006

Silpada Designs in the News  

From the Kansas City Star:

...This week, for instance, Lenexa-based Silpada Designs, a national direct sales jewelry outfit, for the first time brings nearly 3,000 of its army of 14,000 independent sales reps to Bartle Hall for the company’s annual national conference. Since its founding in 1997 t...

Source: Kansas City Star

Silpada Designs in the News
Posted 7/12/2006

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