Source: 2/10/2007

Nuskin and Pharmanex Launch Gac Superfruit Blend

New Anti-Ageing Liquid Juice

Bandar Seri Begawan - Nuskin and Pharmanex have launched their g3 Gac Superfruit Blend fruit juice yesterday, at their Anti-Aging Lifestyle Expo, at the Centerpoint Hotel.

The nutritional fruit juice contains an exceptionally high amount of anti-oxidants. g3 contains the prized Gac fruit, that can only be found in Vietnam has been proven to have a multitude of vitamins out-numbering amounts of vitamins shown in oranges, carrots and tomatoes, put together.

Testimonials from numerous faithful consumers have shown that it has not only improved their immune system, but also improved diabetic retinopathy an eye failure symptom due to diabetes.

Suitable for people of all ages from as young as nine months to as old as 99 years, diabetics and many others, it seems that this miracle drink is hailed to be the next miracle supplement that the population needs. -- Courtesy of The Brunei Times

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