Source: Express Pharma 7/25/2007

Amway Leads with Nutrilite

Nutrilite, the leading global brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements from Amway, is also the one of the largest manufacturer of nutritional supplements. Amway India finished the 12-month period of Jan- Dec 06, at Rs 738 crores and more than 50 percent of this turnover came from its flagship brand Nutrilite. Nutrilite has consistently accounted for about half of Amway's turnover. The product is a $2.6 billion industry and is available in powder, tablet and capsule form. The brand has been growing at a healthy rate of 40 percent in the Indian market. Besides Nutrilite, Amway has 16 healthcare products in the Indian market under the nutrition and wellness category.

Just like the company's product portfolio, its collection from different regions within the country is equally diversified. In Amway India, East contributes to about 25 percent of the Nutrilite business. North-East contributes to about 32 percent. The fast moving Nutrilite products in the Eastern market are Protein Powder, Daily, Positrim, Glucosamine, Nutrilite Daily, Cal Mag, Iron Folic, Salmon Omega, PARSELINIUM e, Bio C and Bone Health. India has become the ninth largest North and West market for Amway. Nutrilite Protein powder is the largest protein supplement brand in India and Nutrilite Glucosamine is the largest selling glucosamine preparation in India.

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