Source: The Open Press 12/9/2009

TamPogo Launches Skin Care Line

Imagine for a moment that the original formulators of ProActiv Solution had approached you and said, "Instead of selling a billion dollars worth of product every year through TV and mall kiosks, we're going to sell that billion through you and a small group of other people. You don't have to stock it. You don't have to ship it. You just have to let the world know that it exists and earn on the sales."

What would you do for a product that could wipe clean one of the world's most embarrassing health conditions, knowing the global demand for such a product?

Now what if you were given a product today that was more effective, completely natural, and actually made the skin far healthier from its use? What if you and a small group of other people were given such a formula? Would you see this as a multi-million dollar opportunity for yourself, or let someone else run with it?

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