Source: Press Release 4/28/2010

Pharmanex Press Release

Last month, The Chicago Lighthouse began a new initiative to broaden its retail reach and build awareness, among visually impaired consumers, on products available to assist with reading, writing, and other daily tasks. On the 29th of this month, the Lighthouse will return to the Friendship Village, 350 W. Schaumburg Rd. in Schaumburg, Illinois, to host another low vision, products show.

"In March, we had an amazing turnout" said Tom Perski, director of rehabilitation for the Lighthouse, "but there are still people out there who either did not hear about us coming to Schaumburg, or could not make it out to the Friendship Village on that particular day. We need to give everyone an opportunity to see what is available and allow them the chance of greatly improving their daily life."

This second, low vision products show will be held on Thursday, April 29, 2010, from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. "Friendship Village was a great place," stated Stephanie Shobert, Lighthouse's consumer products sales assistant. "We are really looking forward to going back, meeting new and past customers, and showing them that they have many options, many tools through which they can continue to do what they love despite their reduced vision," she added.

Just like the first show, the one on April 29th will be free to attend and open to anyone interested in learning about, browsing, or purchasing low vision aids such as talking, voice recognition clocks and watches, specialized eyewear, canes, and cutting edge technology such as desktop and portable video magnifiers (CCTV), voice-prompted GPS devices, and portable reading instruments such as the Intel Reader and the knfbReader.

"The range of products is very comprehensive; we bring everything so that people with low vision can make good decisions on what they need most and what will bring maximum benefit," stated Tom Perski.

Pharmanex, a nutritional company, will also be present at the event and will offer free antioxidant scans for any show attendee. "With Pharmanex, we can quickly determine the state of a person's nutrition and if they should eat more fruits, vegetables, or take supplements…such a service would usually cost a great deal of money, but if you come to Friendship village, it is entirely free," said Perski.

All products displayed at the show will be available for purchase on site however some larger items will need to be arranged for future delivery. The Chicago Lighthouse aims to continue their product awareness campaign throughout the suburbs and plans on scheduling more events, at various locations, in the near future. For more information on the Schaumburg event, or to request notification of future events, call 312/666-1331 or visit

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