Source: 5/10/2010

Oriflame Founder Visits Sri Lanka

Alexander af, made a visit to Sri Lanka in order to commemorate the company's recent rapidly growing sales figures. The commemoration was made during a press conference on the 26th of April 2010 at the Mt. Lavinia Hotel. Jochnick shared the news with the media, in addition to Oriflame's future strategies in Sri Lanka. Oriflame currently operates in 62 countries around the world including all of the Asian markets. India is presently the most successful enterprise for Oriflame while Russia is number one in regard to European markets.

"In the future we are looking forward to improving our products and services in Sri Lanka. On average Oriflame has recorded an annual growth rate of 17% consecutively for the past 20 years which we feel is a very impressive rate of growth." Mr. Jochnick said.

Oriflame hopes to regionalize its product range as well but is very strict in regard to maintaining quality all over the world. "Although we service the upper segment of the market our prices are quite affordable which is why we have become so popular in Sri Lanka." Jochnick added.

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