Source: Press Release 3/3/2011

Zrii Product A Hit With Guru of the Stars

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing™ is a wellness oasis in Los Angeles, where the healing arts of the East are combined with the best of modern Western medicine. From yoga via ayurveda practices to meditation everything is being offered for physical healing, emotion wellbeing and spiritual awakening. The "temple" was founded by the Indian Dr. Deepak Chopra in collaboration with Dr. David Smith. The Chopra Center for Wellbeing enjoys great popularity among Holywood stars and Dr. Chopra is considered the wellness guru par excellence.

Punctually for the new "diet season," which always starts after New Year so that people can cut a good figure on the beach during the summer, the networking company Zrii has introduced its new weight management product, NutriiVeda Accell ZriiŽ. The new "miracle potion" has been found to be good by the Chopra and the wellness icon, Dr. Chopra himself, and is recommended by them. It is claimed that the product boosts the metabolism in line with ayurvedic principles and according to company statements it exceeds the previous standard of similar products as well as setting a new standard for natural diet products. "There is no other endorsement like it in the world," says Vice President of Marketing Ann Billings. "We are very privileged to work with Dr. Deepak. He is an extraordinary man and looked up to by many. Having such a credible stamp of approval on each of our products is what makes our company so unique and successful."

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