Source: Press Release 1/12/2012

Green Mountain Energy Celebrates 10 Years of Clean Energy in Texas

Company pioneered renewable energy offerings for Texans; enables residents to help change the way power is made

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan 12, 2012 -- Austin-based Green Mountain Energy Company is celebrating the 10th anniversary of electric competition in Texas by recognizing its hundreds of thousands of customers who have chosen renewable energy. On January 1, 2002, the state of Texas opened its electricity market to full competition, allowing Texans the ability to choose their electric provider. As the first retail electric provider in the state to offer renewable energy and the longest serving green power provider in the U.S., Green Mountain has led the way in changing the way power is made.

"Opening the market to retail competition enabled Texans to not only choose their electric provider, but also choose the source of energy they want to support," said Paul Thomas, president of Green Mountain Energy Company. "As the first electricity provider in Texas to offer renewable energy to residential and commercial customers, Green Mountain is proud of the role we have played in the growth of renewable energy in the state and the success Texas has modeled for other states. We're especially thankful to all of our customers who have recognized the importance of clean energy and made the choice to support it. "

Green Mountain will be celebrating in 2012 with some of its first customers, who were among the earliest supporters of clean energy in Texas. The company will also be marking the anniversary through social media, customer engagement programs and at festivals and events throughout the year.

Over the last 10 years, the Lone Star state has evolved into one of the most successful competitive energy markets in the nation:

-- In 2008, 80% of registered voters in Texas favored a competitive electricity market(1)

-- By 2010, 55% of residential customers had exercised their power to choose and selected a competitive retail electric provider or product(1)

-- In 2011, the Texas market was described as the best retail market in the country for the fifth consecutive year and received a ranking of "Excellent" in the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) report

Recognizing the exponential growth in the renewable sector over the past decade in Texas, Paul Thomas said, "More and more, consumers are recognizing the critical role that clean energy can play both in the health of the environment and in our state's economic future."

Green Mountain's Environmental Impact Since 2002

When Texas residents and businesses become Green Mountain customers, they help support the renewable energy industry and the development of clean energy sources like wind. Over the past 10 years, Green Mountain and its customers have made a positive impact on the environment and to the Texas economy, including:

-- Delivery of more than 10.7 billion kWh of cleaner energy to Texas customers

-- Spurring the development of 32 new solar energy facilities at various schools and nonprofit organizations in Texas through the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club(TM)

-- Avoiding nearly 8 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which is the equivalent of : -- not driving nearly 9 billion miles

-- not plowing the entire state of Texas (172 million acres) with a diesel tractor

-- not burning over 8 million barrels of crude oil

-- 6.5 million Texas houses turning off their lights for a year

Green Mountain continues to have aggressive growth goals, including new market expansion plans and new products and services for both its residential and commercial customers.

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