Source: Press Release 11/1/2012

CieAura Purchased by Digital Media Group, AG

Dallas, TX, October 31, 2012 -- Digital Media Group,AG (DMG,AG) has concluded an asset purchase of CieAura, LLC. The assets purchased include the name CieAura, all retailers, all software, the compensation plan, the database and other components that will allow DMG,AG to continue the Network Marketing Structure that CieAura embraced to introduce its products to the world. DMG,AG purchased the right to exclusively market unique products which include a full line of holographic chips: Rest Quiet, Sinus Allergy, Pure Energy Plus, Cell Phone SafeGuard, Pure Relief, Weight Management System (Body Revolution), CX2 Bands, Manny Pacquiao Bracelets and Enhance (libido enhancement) an intimacy chip for him and for her.

As a result of this acquisition, certain changes have been made to CieAura's management structure. Ken Rasner, Founder and CEO of CieAura will assume the title of Chairman Emeritus and Paul Rogers, formerly COO of CieAura will become the CEO of DMG. As Paul Rogers stated, "I am very excited about this new direction as it will bring significant value to DMG's shareholders and provide a fresh start to CieAura's Retailers. We are fortunate in that we have in CieAura all of the essentials necessary for massive sustained growth - revolutionary and peer reviewed products, time tested leadership, a solid compensation plan, and a global infrastructure. This is a great foundation to build upon to help CieAura's Retailers accomplish their own personal goals and dreams. As we help our Retailers build their global business we will by default, add shareholder value to DMG!"

The Founder of CieAura, LLC, Mr. Ken Rasner stated, "My main goal from our first day was to develop a company, where our Retailers' hopes, dreams and efforts would be safe and would be rewarded long term in a company that would continue to grow and thrive for many years to come. I believe this move will insure that outcome. Paul was President of an International Publicly Traded company and as such brings exceptional experience to CieAura. I am excited for our Shareholders and our Retailers."

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