Source: Press Release 9/11/2013

ForeverGreen Worldwide Sales Reach Record Level

OREM, Utah--September 10, 2013-- ForeverGreen Worldwide Corporation, a leading provider of nutritional foods and other healthy products, today announced that sales, especially those of the higher margin FG Xpress brand, are continuing to grow. Sales for FG Xpress during August were slightly more than half of total sales for the company.

Ron Williams, CEO, commented, "Each month since the pre-launch of the product brand in November 2012, sales of FG Xpress products have accelerated, a trend we don't envision changing for the foreseeable future. In the last six weeks alone we have experienced over $1MM in sales of these products and will far surpass our original goal of $6MM in sales for FG Xpress during 2013. All of our leading indicators including new distributor growth, repeat customer percentages, percentage of customers on monthly autoship, and countries in which we are selling product are suggesting that FG Xpress sales for the remainder of 2013 should exceed sales during the prior 8+ months of 2013. Our sales and overall gross margins continue to accelerate. It is thrilling to continue to add new customers at an accelerating rate. Our internal team understands how to properly handle the fast acceleration of growth they experienced at companies like Neways International, Nu Skin Enterprises and Shaklee Corporation and were directly responsible for delivering tens of billions of dollars in sales to these companies. By establishing our infrastructure, IT and management in advance to be able to handle our large anticipated growth moving forward we are beginning to observe some economies of scales. The feedback and enthusiasm for FG Xpress products and the companies' message are very rewarding."

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