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IamVoip and vipze Press Release

IamVoip and vipze join forces to build a global brand in social media &

digital communications.

Los Angeles, CA October 1, 2009 - IamVoip, an established digital VoIP phone service that

utilizes a network marketing model to build its’ customer base, has joined forces with ViPZE, a

global online social network with more than 200,000 registered users. vipze offers its’ global

affiliates the opportunity to profit from 3 massive industries; social networking, online advertising

and digital communications.

“By merging our Independent agents into the vipze model, they immediately expand the breadth &

scope of their business with a more diversified product offering, allowing them to immediately

conduct business and earn income, seamlessly around the world. We are very excited by what this

relationship provides our existing agents and our company” — IamVoip Founder, Blake


vipze’s tag line “Monetize your Socializing” really says it all. As social networks and social media

have become such an important part of the everyday life of hundreds of millions of people

worldwide, companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace and Twitter are profiting as online

advertisers are willing to pay for those eyeballs. With vipze, now you, the person who created

those eyeballs can get paid.

“If an individual has a large network on one of those sites they are considered really popular, but if

they have a large network on our site they can PROFIT from it”. —Scott "Scotty B" Mercker, Co-

Founder, Chief Marketing Officer, vipze

Edward J. Weaver, vipze President & CEO, in commenting about the relationship: “The timing of

our partnership with IamVoip is perfect as we have recently upgraded many aspects of our model

and are prepared for global expansion. I am confident the broader business model including social

networking, online advertising and unlimited VoIP calling will be the catalyst to propel IamVoips'

base of business both domestically and internationally.” Ed goes on to say “The addition of the

Iamvoip agent base along with technological expertise of it’s corporate team will help propel our

vision of offering people worldwide an opportunity to improve their personal situation(s) and do the

same for others "

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