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Direct Sales Legend Joins XanGo
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Direct Sales Legend Joins XanGo

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"XanGo, LLC, a global health and wellness leader in the direct sales industry, announced today that worldwide network marketing icon and recognized business leader Lennon Ledbetter has joined the ranks of XanGo's more than 1 million independent distributors in 35 countries. Ledbetter, founder of Team Builders Global, is among the highest-earning and most well-known network marketers in the world.

"We're thrilled, in our eighth year, to have a dynamic, incredibly accomplished leader such as Lennon joining XanGo without a signing bonus or guaranteed position," says XanGo Founder and Chairman Aaron Garrity. "Lennon's achievements stand at the pinnacle of our industry, due in large part to his unique ability to inspire others and help them realize their potential. In XanGo, he can count on a strong partner with extraordinary executive leadership and a commitment to supporting our distributors in a way that accelerates their growth now and well into the future."

Ledbetter is among the very elite achievers in direct sales, his team having consistently generated many millions in annual revenue as a heralded leader in one of the three largest companies in the industry. Among his accomplishments at his former company, he reached its highest ranks and consistently earned among the top sales growth checks worldwide. A sought-after motivational speaker and trainer, Ledbetter has wowed audiences in dozens of cities domestically and internationally in front of packed stadiums. Remaining humble, he's also been known to spend considerable time offering one-on-one mentoring to his downline.

Commented XanGo President and CEO Robert Conlee, "Lennon is a proven leader whose boundless energy, focus and determination attracts people and helps them achieve like they never thought possible. With XanGo, he finds a like-minded commitment to teamwork and success; we look forward to what we will accomplish together."

Ledbetter's joining XanGo comes at a time when the company continues to push an aggressive global expansion, which includes eight new international markets in the past 15 months. He joins a growing list of industry leaders signing up with XanGo, amid a surge in rank advancements for the company's existing distributors.

"I'm extremely excited to find in XanGo an innovative, energetic partner that shares my commitment to work with people to help them realize their dreams," says Ledbetter. "By choosing to build from scratch with XanGo just like any other person becoming a distributor today I have the opportunity to closely mentor young and veteran networkers and help them make a true difference in the lives of the people they love and others they don't yet know."

Continues Ledbetter, "Because of XanGo's amazing founders and executive leadership, its commitment to category-creating products and its compensation plan, our future distributors will be able to yield a success unlike any other in direct sales."

Since the age of 18, Ledbetter has been driven to win and been mentored by top leaders in sports and business, including Hall of Fame football coach LaVell Edwards and world-renowned business author Stephen R. Covey. While playing on the nationally ranked Brigham Young University football teams on a full-ride athletic scholarship, he was introduced to direct sales and immediately recognized the opportunity to thrive in a career based on performance and consistent effort. Jumping at the opportunity to be trained by Dexter Yager, Jody Victor and other industry stalwarts, he soon determined to work tirelessly to learn the business and then help others believe in themselves and reach for their dreams.

Says Ledbetter, "I've seen people rise from nothing and through this business earn the resources to support their family, give back to charity and to enjoy the lives they've always dreamed of; that's very gratifying." A prolific speaker and motivator, Ledbetter has authored many CDs and DVDs and advocated the benefits of free enterprise to presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush as well as prominent members of Congress. Today, he continues his efforts to make a difference for thousands of self-entrepreneurs around the world.

Ledbetter is wasting no time building his business with XanGo. Starting later this week and continuing in the months to come, he will speak at opportunity meetings in Seattle, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Southern California, with plans to visit Florida, Texas, the Ukraine and Russia among other locations. He resides in Alpine, Utah, with his son and three daughters; his oldest daughter, Brittany, is a business partner. When not building a thriving XanGo business, he combines his love for family and exotic cars with rides in the scenic canyons near his home. Ledbetter also appreciates and collects fine art."

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