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TelexFree is a multilevel marketing company launched in Brazil in January 2012 that offers telephone service as well as an opportunity for members to earn income by publishing advertisements on the internet.

TelexFree’s product, 99TelexFree, is a phone service app that costs $49.99 per month and allows customers unlimited calls to cell phones and landlines within Brazil, the US and Canada.

Enrollment Options

TelexFree members pay $299.00 annually for each membership position, called an ‘’AdCentral’’. Each member may have up to 5 accounts, or an ‘’AdCentral Family Membership’’, for an annual cost of $1,375.00. The 5 memberships may be purchased in a lump sum or over time. TelexFree AdCentral Members are required to publish at least one preselected advertisement per day to the free classified ad sites on the internet.

Compensation Plan

TelexFree members earn commission on the sale of 99TelexFree subscriptions and the publishing of ads on the internet, $20 for the recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Membership and $100 per recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Family Membership. TelexFree has a binary compensation plan for commissions on the recruitment of new members and a 5X5 matrix compensation plan for commissions generated by the sale of 99TelexFree plans.

TelexFree Company Overview

TelexFree Logo

225 Cedar Hill St., Suite 200
Marlborough Massachusetts 01752

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
James Merrill, Founder

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Home Business News Archive

TelexFree President Pleads Guilty
Worcester, MA - October 25, 2016 -- James Merrill, president of TelexFree, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud conspiracy and eight counts of wire fraud in U.S. District Court. Prosecutors called TelexFree one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, with nearly 1 million people losing close to $1.8 billion.

TelexFree originated in Brazil before moving operations to Marlborough, MA...

TelexFree Exec Requests Suppression of Evidence
An attorney for James Merrill has requested suppression of evidence seized during a raid of TelexFree's offices in April 2014. In a court filing, Robert Goldstein said the document seizure was "unconstitutionally overbroad" and that his client "respectfully submits that all evidence seized pursuant to the warrant must be supressed." During the raid of TelexFree's offices, Homeland Security agent...

Claims Against TelexFree May be Filed Starting April 1
February 28, 2016 -- Alleged victims of TelexFree, Inc. will be able to start filing claims online on April 1. Telexfree's bankruptcy trustee has been contacted by alleged victims from as far away as Russia and China. Claims will require approval by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Department of the Treasury, to ensure that money is not being paid to terrorists or traffickers. The...

TelexFree Rep Jailed for Contempt
January 21, 2016 -- A former top rep with TelexFree is being held in jail in Florida on a contempt charge after failing to return assets that securities regulators had frozen. Sanderley Rodrigues de Vasconcelos, also known as Sann Rodrigues, was arrested in May on visa fraud charges after he presented a green card to Customs and Border Protection offices at Logan International Airport that he all...

Bankruptcy Judge Finds TelexFree Operated a Fraudulent Scheme
A federal bankruptcy judge formally ruled that TelexFree "operated a Ponzi and pyramid scheme" and that the company is liable for claims made by investors. Stephen Darr, the trustee overseeing TelexFree's Chapter 11 case, requested the court's ruling and asked Judge Melvin Hoffman to suspend all other litigation seeking restitution from the company and its founders. Mr. Darr is responsible for u...

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