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TelexFree is a multilevel marketing company launched in Brazil in January 2012 that offers telephone service as well as an opportunity for members to earn income by publishing advertisements on the internet.

TelexFree’s product, 99TelexFree, is a phone service app that costs $49.99 per month and allows customers unlimited calls to cell phones and landlines within Brazil, the US and Canada.

Enrollment Options

TelexFree members pay $299.00 annually for each membership position, called an ‘’AdCentral’’. Each member may have up to 5 accounts, or an ‘’AdCentral Family Membership’’, for an annual cost of $1,375.00. The 5 memberships may be purchased in a lump sum or over time. TelexFree AdCentral Members are required to publish at least one preselected advertisement per day to the free classified ad sites on the internet.

Compensation Plan

TelexFree members earn commission on the sale of 99TelexFree subscriptions and the publishing of ads on the internet, $20 for the recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Membership and $100 per recruitment of each new member purchasing an AdCentral Family Membership. TelexFree has a binary compensation plan for commissions on the recruitment of new members and a 5X5 matrix compensation plan for commissions generated by the sale of 99TelexFree plans.

TelexFree Company Overview

TelexFree Logo

225 Cedar Hill St., Suite 200
Marlborough Massachusetts 01752

Owners and/or Executives and Executive Consultants
James Merrill, Founder

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Home Business News Archive

Trustee in TelexFree Case Details Alleged Fraud
The court-appointed bankruptcy trustee in the TelexFree case said in a recent filing that the company took in over $1 billion in only 16 months from almost 1.9 million participants. Stephen Darr, the trustee, said he could not be certain the information was accurate because "the physical books and records available to the trustee are extremely limited and incomplete." He said TelexFree's princip...

TelexFree Victims May Have a Long Wait to Settle Claims
At least $153 million could potentially be used to settle claims of people who can prove they were defrauded by TelexFree Inc. For most, it will be a long wait before they receive any of their money back.

$3.5 million which resulted from a settlement by Massachusetts Secretary State William F. Galvin may soon be made available to reimburse victims. Galvin secured the funds by suing Fidel...

Warning Issued Against iFreex, Possible Offshoot of TelexFree
September 30, 2014, Worcester, MA -- Massachusetts Secretary of State William F.Galvin is concerned that a new phone service app is an offshoot of TelexFree and is warning people to be wary of investing in iFreex. Complaints have been made against Sanderley Rodrigues de Vasoncelos (AKA Sann Rodrigues), who was once a top rep to TelexFree and has said on his Facebook page that iFreex "would be the...

Group Represents TelexFREE Victims
September 19, 2014 -- An ad hoc committee made up of approximately 100 former TelexFREE representatives and claiming to represent all victims of the company has urged the court to prevent the legal payments of millions of the nearly $300 million prosecutors estimate the company took in over that last two years.According to bankruptcy court records, three law firms have asked the court to releas...

TelexFree Accountant Denies Wrongdoing
August 8, 2014 - Boston, MA -- In response to a civil suit filed against him by the SEC, TelexFree Inc.'s accountant, Joseph H. Craft, said he didn't assist in any wrongdoing and asked to have the charge against him dismissed.Craft, who was not an employee of TelexFree, performed accounting services for the company from October 2012 until April 2014, when he was prevented from removing a bag co...

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