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A Better Chance PTY

Educational Products
A Better Chance Pty Ltd is the Australian distributor for Educational Technologies Limited, which creates a unique range of book, music, video and multi-media learning products for children under the Time Life brand.
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Skin Care and Fragrance Lines

À JAMAIS, based in Twin Falls Idaho, is a direct sales/home party company founded in 2013. À JAMAAIS specializes in body and facial care products, candles and accessories.
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A1 Internet Service

Internet Services
A-1 Internet Service Provider is a nationwide Internet access provider that offers Internet accesss at wholesale prices.
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Above and Beyond

Slimalicious weight loss smoothing powder

Above & Beyond is a multilevel marketing company that describes itself as “the Change Your Thinkiing Company.
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Abundant Health Ltd

Natural health supplements
Abundant Health Ltd commenced in 1998 to produce the highest quality natural health supplements avvailable.
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Digital Library
Abunza is a bilingual internet business opportunity marketing their digital library through multilevvel marketing representatives.
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Acai Plus

Acai Plus
From Acai Plus (TriUnity International) pre-launch PDF: Acai Plus is a nutritional drink, with over 100 active ingredients including Acai from Brazil's Amazon Rain Forest.
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skincare, bath and body, nutrition and fitness and gift sets
From the Acara website: "Started with the desire to spread the benefits of the spa lifestyle to everryone, Acara now offers people everywhere the opportunity to enhance their lives with the Acara Spa Program which includes: life-long fitness and nutrition, scientifically formulated face and body care, stress reduction and relaxation products to help you rediscover your sense of order and balance.
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Accelerated Internet Income Strategies

Accelerated Internet Income Strategies markets internet and telecom services.
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Sterling silver jewelry, gold filled and handcrafted jewelry
Accentz Jewelry's mission is to establish a win-win environment for their associates, customers and the company by offering quality boutique style, affordable jewelry.
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Acceris Communications

Telecommunications products
Acceris Management and Acquisition LLC (“Acceris”) is a broad based communications company, serving residential, small and medium-sized business and large enterprise customers in the United States.
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Achievers Unlimited

From Company Website "Whether it's taking control of your future, having more freedom, or meeting fiinancial goals, Achievers provides real solutions to life's challenges.
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Digital Phone Service, Wireless, Local Calling, Long Distance, Internet
ACN is a privately-held company founded in 1993. It is a direct selling telecommunications and essenntial services company, with Independent Business Owners in 23 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific.
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Act II Jewelry Lady Remington

Act II Jewelry offers a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee on the highest quality fashion jewelry, whichh is available only through in-home shows.
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ACTIS Global Ventures

Wellness, Nutritionals
ACTIS Global Ventures, formerly FemOne, Inc. is a product distribution company based in Carlsbad, Caalifornia.
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Active Business Solutions

Active Business Solutions website no longer appears to be active.
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Active Life

From Active Life Inc Press Release: Active Life Inc is a cutting edge nutraceutical and cosmeceuticcal company with a 30-year background in health and nutrition.
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Tazza Di Vita, Renu IQ

Adaptogenix was launched in March 2011 as a privately-held company, and acquired by Youngevity inn August, 2011.
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Voice over Internet
AdCalls markets a VOIP internet phone dialing service.
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AdJuice Online Merchant Deals
AdJuice.com is a group-buying network marketing company that offers discounts at local restaurants, stores, spas and other businesses and allows people to sign up and share their savings with friends, family and extended networks.
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Adora LLC

Adora Spa personal care products.
From the Adora website: "In essence, the Adora company is all about giving women the opportunity to live the lives they desire and the lives they deserve enabling them to elevate and expand themselves - mind, body and spirit.
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Permission Based Marketing Coupons
AdSavers markets permission based marketing coupons. AdSavers is managed by the same executive team
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AdSurfDaily Program, payouts for viewing websites and enrolling other members
AdSurfDaily pays commissions on referring new members to surf advertising on the internet.

The AdSSurfDaily website defines their program as: AdSurfDaily is an advertising company.
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Advantage Neutraceuticals

Nutritionals, weight loss, supplementse
Advantage Neutraceuticals markets health supplements and weight loss solutions.
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Advita Energy

Hologram Bands and Discs
Advita Energy’s product line of hologram bands and discs is focused on energy, sleep problems, mentaal clarity, stress relief and pain relief.
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Advocare International


AdvoCare, founded in 1993, is a direct sales company that offers energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products.
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AdzZoo Marketing and Advertising
Using a process they call "Geo-Targeting", AdzZoo goal is to assist local businesses in becoming reccognized and established on the Internet using web sites and campaign tactics to help give their clients an Internet presence in areas that are generally dominated by larger corporations and nationally established chains.
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Aerus Electrolux

vaccuum cleaners, air filters
Electrolux Corporation sells premium floor care products directly to the consumer.
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Affinity Lifestyles

Sea Energy, Sea Energy Max Formula, Alli-C, AntiOxidant Specialist, Cardio V Specialist
From the Affinity Lifesyles web page: Affinity Just-2 is the company that does more than just sell qquality, health giving products.
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Affordable Energy

Residential and Commercial Energy, Energy Saving Products
Affordable Energy’s mission is to provide residential customers with the highest quality of service and most competitively priced electricity in the market today.
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Affordable Luxuries

From the company website: "Affordable Luxuries is a different kind of direct sales company. We focuss on distributing established, high quality, market-leading brands through a unique network of independent distributors.
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Nutritionals, Dietary Supplements
Agel Enterprises markets a product line of nutrient Gelceuticals - concentrated nutrients in gel forrm.
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Online Services, AGLOCO Veiwbar
AGLOCO is a global community developed to share marketing revenue with members via the AGLOCO view bbar.
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Agua Dulce

Agu Dulce Vineyards Wine
Don and Cathy MacAdam founded Agua Dulce Vineyards in 1999 when they discovered that the ninety acrees that they originally planned for real estate development had ideal soil and climate conditions for growing world-class grapes.
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AIM International

AIM BarleyLife®, AIMega™, AIM GlucoChrom™
The AIM Companies™ produces whole food powder concentrates and nutritional health supplements to ssupport a healthy lifestyle.
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Akea Essentials

Akea, founded in 2010, offers a nutritional supplement containing nutrients found in the diets off communities around the world that have the healthiest and longest-lived populations.
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Albert Konder Collection

From the website: Since 1996, Albert Konder Collection has been producing stunning, one-of-a-kind jeewelry designs.
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Alex and Von

Organic beauty and skincare products

alex+von is a direct sales company founded in 2010 that gives women the opportunity to earn incomme selling products from socially-responsible boutique brands offering high quality natural and organic beauty and children’s products.
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Aliva Fountain of Youth, Aliva Anti-Aging Miracle Serum
Aliva ( AlivaMax Worldwide ) is a distributor of anti-aging products and was founded by Mark J. Sainn and Gerald Ricks.
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Alive Worldwide

Cheia Vida
Alive Worldwide is a new company being launched by Scotty Paulson. The primary product is Cheia Vidaa, an exotic juice and tea blend.
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AliveMax anti-aging, multi-vitamin, and vitality formulas are delived via nutritional sprays.
Founded by Nauder Khazan, AliveMax is headquartered in Anaheim Hills, California and markets a trio of nutritional products that come in a proprietary nutrient delivery system ( intra-oral spay ) that is claimed to have up to a 98 percent absorption rate.
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All Jeweled Up

Personalized Jewelry
All Jeweled Up markets personalized jewelry through home parties. From the All Jeweled Up Website: ""Joining All Jeweled Up as a Business Designer is simple, and how much you participate is up to you.
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Home party auctions plus signature items

All'asta is a direct sales company with a twist. All'asta is the Italian word for "auction." An AAll’asta party operates on the same model as most home party businesses, but the guests and host actually sell their own goods, and everyone has a chance to earn some profit.
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Adult Products and Videos
AllXClub is positioning itself as the first MLM in the Adult Entertainment Industry. AllXClub offerss a turnkey system to allow members to capitalize on the 100 Billion Dollar a year Adult Industry.
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AloeBoost is an antioxidant product from Real Aloe, Inc., a division of USAloe. Real Aloe has been in the Aloe Vera business since 1972, and uses only fresh Aloe grown in the US.
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Aloette Cosmetics

Cosmetics, skin care, fragrances
From Company Website: "The best of science and nature! Anti-aging Aloe Vera skin care infused with bbotanicals, anti-oxidants and technologically advanced patented ingredients takes skin care to a new level.
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Alpine Industries

In 2000, a federal judge ordered Alpine Industries to stop unsubstantiated claims for Ozone Generattors.
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AlpineV Dietary Supplement Drink
AlpineV is a division of Functional Brands, LLC. AlpineV markets a dietary supplement drink made froom the Alpine Sandthorn Berry.
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Amazon Herb Company

Amazon Herb Company imports wild crafted herbs to the USA. All Rainforest Bio-Energetics herbs arre hand inspected never fumigated or irradiated.
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Ambit Energy

Electric Service
Ambit Energy is an alternative electricity and natural gas service provider marketed through indepenndent consultants that was founded in early 2006.
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Amega Global

Amega Wellness Energy, Ega Age Difiance, AMFoods, AMEGA
Amega Global Manufactures Energy and wellness Products that are distributed mostly through E-Commercce network marketing.
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America's Team

America's Team website is no longer active.
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American Communications Network

Also listed at ACN.
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American Dream Nutrition

American Dream Nutrition is a division of Success Marketing Group, headed by Greg Gunderson. Other SSuccess Marketing Group entities include New Century Life, Millionaires Marketing Group, SGM Inc, and Acai Plus.
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American Freeway 100

American Freeway 100 is closed.
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American Gold Reserve

Gold and Silver rounds and bars

American Gold Reserve (AGR), a new multilevel marketing company based in Utah that has just launcched.
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American Longevity

American Longevity markets Dr. Joel Wallach's nutritional products, including SupraLife, Bio-lumin,
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Americas Future

nutritional products, online shopping mall
From America's Future website: America's Future was created from a concept whose timing and innovatiion resulted in the formation of a company with a program which is efficient and effective.
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AmeriKare International

Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Hair and Skin
AmeriKare markets a variety of nutritonal and personal care products.
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Telecommunications and IP Telephony equipment
AmeriLat markets IP Telephony equipment and solutions for Small Businesses, Enterprises and End-Ussers.
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AmeriPlan Corporation

Dental, Health, Vision and Chiropractic Benefits
Members save up to 80% on dental services. The cost is less than $20 per month for the entire houseehold.
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Ameriplan USA

healthcare savings
AmeriPlan markets supplemental health benefits savings. The company offers savings of up to 80% on DDental Care, Vision Care, Prescription Drugs and Chiropractic care for its membrs.
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Beauty, Mens Heath, Nutrition, Oral Hygiene, Sports and Fitness, Weight Loss and Womens Health
AmeriSciences products are in the high-growth industries of nutrition, oral science and skincare. AmeriSciences has committed all of its resources toward the development of a billion-dollar company with its adaptive and growth-oriented infrastructure, first-class turnkey marketing program, high-quality products and tradition of excellence.
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Web Programming, Data Management, Hosting
From the AmeriTalks Missions Statement: AmeriTalks is a company whose goal is to consistently providde quality products with a spirit of goodwill to its agents, its customers, and its employees.
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Amigo Health Inc

Acai, Mangosteen and Goji at wholesale prices
From Amigo Health Website:
Amigo Health Inc. is a company founded by supplement manufacturers. This product is formulated and manufactured "in house".
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Amkey Inc

healthcare products
Amkey is an internet based direct maketing company specializing in the research and development, mannufacturing and marketing of natural high tech healhcare products.
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Ampegy is a new division of Spark Energy, a Houston-based independent energy and natural gas supplieer.
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AMS Health Sciences

Personal care and nutriton products, weight loss solutions. Prime One, Saba, Saba Weight-Loss with Borojo, Natura A.C.E. Weight-Loss, Prime Plus, UROPOWER
Advantage Marketing Systems markets nutritionals and personal care products. According to the AMS coompany history, Russian scientist Dr.
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Amsoil, Inc.

AMSOIL was founded in 1972 with the first API-rated synthetic motor oil in the world. AMSOIL now forrmulates a wide variety of synthetic lubricating oils for all types of engines as well as fuel additives, filtration systems and other products that extend lubricant performance.
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Home Products, Nutritionals
Founded in 1959, Amway launched a direct sales business model. The original product offered by Amwayy was Liquid Organic Cleaner.
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Angel Company (The)

Products for the rubber stamper, the scrapbooker and the papercrafter including the Creative Cling™ stamping system
The Angel Company closed in August 2011.
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Annása was incorporated in May 2002 as a subsidiary of Natrol, Inc., a diversified nutritional suppllement company headquartered in Southern California.
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Custom oil paintings from photographs

AnyArt, founded in 2010, is a direct sales company that specializes in creating custom oil paintiings from photographs.
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Apriori Beauty

Skin care and cosmetic products with safe, organic and natural ingredients.
Apriori Beauty distributes an anti aging line of skin care products that contain organic and naturall ingredients that have been certified safe.
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Founded in late '02 AquaGenus has been in operations since March 2003 and has now completed its firsst year of sales.
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Arbonne International

Nutritionals, Skin Care
Arbonne International is a provider of premium quality skin care and nutritional products from Irvinne, California.
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Ardyss International

Ardyss International offers a “Body Magic 2 Step System” consisting of ultra control shapewear garments, and multivitamins, fat reducers, children’s vitamins, and Le Vive, a super-juice drink, among other nutritional supplement and skincare products.
Ardyss has combined the garment industry with the health and wellness trend in highly nutritious andd beneficial supplements and juice drinks to create their 2 step system.
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Rejuveniix, an array of concentrated superfruit extracts; Minerals, a comprehensive spectrum of minerals & phytonutrients; Vitamins, a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins & antioxidants; Omega-Q, a combination of essential fatty acids and CoQ-10; and Vinali, a blend of bioflavonoids & Vitamin C.
ARIIX, based in Bountiful, Utah, was founded in July 2011 and markets a proprietary line of dietary supplements.
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Art & Soul, Inc.

personalized art
Art & Soul markets personalized art to fit your profession or occupation, hobby or special interest,, special people in your life or special occasions.
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Art Finds International


[ Click for Art Finds International Business Profile ]

Artistic Impressions, Inc

Artistic Impressions is in the field of home enhancement. They offer quality art at affordable pricees.
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Ascend Technologies International

ATI (Ascent Technologies International) offers products and services designed to provide knowledge aand tools for achieving financial goals.
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Ascential Bioscience

Nutritional Supplements, Fitness Tips and Meal Plans
Ascential Bioscience was established by professionals in the fields of nutrition, fitness, elite phyysical performance, and weight management, who have pooled their knowledge and expertise to create a system for creating positive change in the lives of those who are looking to improve body weight and composition, athletic performance, health status, and overall energy and vitality.
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Asea Nutritional Supplements
Asea / TeamAsea.com is based in Salt Lake City Utah, and was founded by Verdis Norton and James G. PPack.
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ASN (dba) American Shoppers Network

ASN (dba) American Shoppers Network is no longer active.
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Online entertainment portral
Aspiritus offers an online product that includes a casino, sportsbook, several lotteries, poker, andd a virtual stock exchange.
[ Click for Aspiritus Business Profile ]

Assured Nutrition Plus

Assured Nutrition Plus is a multilevel sales company that offers nutritional and weight loss productts.
[ Click for Assured Nutrition Plus Business Profile ]

ATG Technologies

ATG Technologies markets telephone services.
[ Click for ATG Technologies Business Profile ]

AtHome America

AtHome America, founded in 1983, offers trendy, affordably-priced homewares at home parties. AtHome America's products include candles, decorative accessories, organization and storage, outdoor living, tabletop and entertaining items.
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ATI (dba) Alliance Technology Intl

ATI (dba) Alliance Technology Intl is no longer available.
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Unique Sterling Silver Jewelry created by international designers and local artisans.
Aurastella markets a unique line of fine and unique sterling silver jewelry from around the world. BBased in Orlando, Florida the company's .
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Carbon Credits

Ausante, based in Wilmington, Delaware, sells carbon credits for individuals, families and busineesses.
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Ava Anderson Non Toxic

Non-Toxic skin scare, cosmetics, hair care and sun protection.

Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, founded in 2009, is a direct sales company that develops and markets perssonal care products that are free of harmful chemicals.
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Avalar Network, Inc.

Real Estate and Mortgages
From Company Website: Avalar is the next generation of real estate and mortgage brokerage franchisess, utilizing the benefits of direct marketing to enhance recruiting and retention of salespeople.
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From the Avalla website: From its roots in the Himalayan Mountains to its current home in the bustliing metropolis of Houston, Avalla is a direct selling beauty company dedicated to helping others achieve financial independence.
[ Click for Avalla Business Profile ]

AVAR Direct

Immune boosting products incorporating Reishi and Cordyceps mushrooms
AVAR Direct is a direct sales company based in Las Vegas which offers immune-boosting products throuugh sales by affiliates - individuals and organizations who can earn additional income for themselves or their organizations.
[ Click for AVAR Direct Business Profile ]

Avedis Group

Financial Education Products
The Avedis Group site says that their company mission is to deliver a financial and training educatiion program regardless of the person's expertise or knowledge, teach business management skill, and craete a detailed plan for your future.
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Cosmetics, Personal Care
Avon is one of the world’s leading direct sellers of beauty products, with over $8 billion in annuall revenues and over 6 million representatives worldwide.
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[ Click for Awareness Business Profile ]

AwarenessLife Corporation

AwarenessLife markets nutritional and wellness products for weight loss, basic health, adult nutritiion and the cleanse and rebuild.
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Cosmetics, Music, Baby, Fragrances, Aroma Spa, Green Notes, Hair Care, Body and Complexion
AyurVida markets beauty, aroma, spa and hair care products via direct sales channels.
AyurVida'ss name and philosophy were inspired by the Ayurvedic Science.
[ Click for AyurVida Business Profile ]

Azante Jewelry

Azante Jewelry Collection
Azanta Jewelry home shows are get togethers where women have the opportunity to visit and try on jewwelry.
[ Click for Azante Jewelry Business Profile ]

Azuli Skye

Fashion Jewelry

AZULI SKYE is a direct sales company that sells sterling, fashion and Pandora-style jewelry at hoome parties.
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