Marie Jiminez

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Marie Jiminez, Marketing Director

Recognized as one of the top female speakers and trainers for successful, multi-million dollar companies, Ia is a highly sought after personal coach and Certified Career Consultant. She has advised and/or been a board member for multiple international marketing companies. Ia has had tremendous success in direct sales and network marketing and is genuinely loved by her teams. Although Ia is an upbeat and dynamic speaker, you will feel her compassion and commitment to personal values. She was the online radio host for the show "How to Raise Emotionally Healthy Children: Meeting The Five Critical Needs of Children... And Parents Too!" based on the book by Dr. Gerald Newmark. Her engaging style helps others quickly understand and utilize the techniques of time management while balancing the challenges of career success and family priorities. As a successful model, Ia has been prominently featured in campaigns for Ford Motors, Levi's, Oracle, Gap, Verizon, Packard Bell, and others. Combining over 15 years of modeling experience with her passion for helping others, Ia has developed and implemented workshops at modeling schools and choreographed beauty pageants. She was the International Consultant and Head Modeling Instructor for John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center / Elite Modeling Agency in Asia. Her vast and varied marketing experience, talents and mindset along with her personal ethics and morals make her an invaluable asset to the CieAura management team. She lives in Sherman Oaks, CA with her husband, Javier and their son, Sol.

12/27/2009 Source: CieAura Management Team Page

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