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Shopping Loyalty Program

Founded by Hubert Feidl in 2003, Lyoness is a network marketing company that offers discounts and savings to members. Through their shopping loyalty program they aim to benefit both shoppers and merchants. The company also works to benefit two Lyoness Foundations, the Child and Family Foundation and Greenfinity Foundation.

Company Products

Lyoness offers members savings and cash back through a global shopping community in four ways: online shopping, in-store with the Lyoness Cashback card, with merchant gift cards, and via their smart phones.

Lyoness : Details, Products and Review

Shopping Sherlock
Shopping Sherlock App

Shopping Sherlock, formerly My Shopping Genie, offers a web app that works with all major search engines to “cut through the clutter” on the Internet and help users find the best deals. Shopping Sherlock puts the customer first by enabling them to manage search engine results to find the best price, rather than the top search results.

The Shopping Sherlock app does not collect, save or transmit information about users, their computers, search habits, email addresses, or anything else. The company certifies that the Shopping Sherlock App does not contain adware, spyware, malware, or anything else that can interfere with privacy or the operation of a user’s computer. The app only appears on the computer screen when a user opens and uses a major search engine.

Shopping Sherlock : Details, Products and Review

ZeekRewards, Zeekler Online Auction Bid Packs

ZeekRewards is the network marketing arm of penny auction site “”.

ZeekRewards members purchase “bid packs” and sell bid packs to new members to earn commissions. Bid Packs contain bids that can be used on online auctions, and which have an approximate value of 65 cents.

The Zeekler site has several different auction formats, including Penny Auctions, Reveal Price Auctions, Falling Price Auctions, Premier Auctions and VIP Auctions.

ZeekRewards : Details, Products and Review

AdJuice Online Merchant Deals is a group-buying network marketing company that offers discounts at local restaurants, stores, spas and other businesses and allows people to sign up and share their savings with friends, family and extended networks. AdJuice, Inc. is a wholly owned corporation of Beyond Commerce, Inc.

AdJuice : Details, Products and Review

HUZO Internet Shopping Portal offering Music, Games, Books and Movies

HUZO is in prelaunch. The company currently offers free enrollment by invitation only.

HUZO brands itself as an "Entertainment 3.0" company offering subscribers access to a library of titles that include movies, games, music and e-books available as streaming media.

HUZO : Details, Products and Review

My Shopping Genie
My Shopping Genie online shopping application

My Shopping Genie is a website where members can find bargains on everyday items. Run by MyNet Universe, My Shopping Genie claims their online shopping product is not only a way to save on the things people buy, but a way to earn money as well.

According to My Shopping Genie, Anytime a member shops online through a search engine, the genie pops up to guide them through the cyberspace hype to the best deals. It gives the consumer multiple options from many websites so they can find the best bargain instead of relying on a buyers' club to choose what that might be. Virtual stores do not have to worry about stocking shelves and competing shelf space as retail stores in the real world. But they do compete for search engine space. The best products may not be listed at the top of search engines. My Shopping Genie seeps through cyberspace to find the real deals, not the ones the search engine charged the retailer to place near the top.

My Shopping Genie : Details, Products and Review

ZamZuu Shopping, ZamZuu Travel

ZamZuu is a division of YTB International. The company offers an online shopping portal that allows members to shop at over 700 brand name stores online. ZamZuu members receive cash back rebates on their online purchases. Most ZamZuu rebates fall in the $2.5% to $3% range. ZamZuu members also receive rebates on purchases made by others through their shopping portals. The start up cost for the ZamZuu shopping site is $249.00, with a $49.00 monthly fee.

ZamZuu : Details, Products and Review

Free membership shopping portal that pays a dividend when you sign up others to shop as well. Everyday products.

TamPogo offeres free membership as an iRep. Members must purchase a minimum of one $20 to $30 'fast track' product per month to earn compensation.

Tampogo members sign up customers who will purchase items every month. The Tampogo site says that the company offers a percentage of each sale to help feed starving children worldwide.

Tampogo : Details, Products and Review


KlikFire is a multi-level marketing company that has13 years of business experience and patent-pending technology at its core. KlikFire is a fully owned subsidiary of Pinnacle Communications and an independant business owner's portal for; a cash back shopping website.

Independant business owners of KlikFire, give away free memberships to Then by getting those members to sign-up more members, they earn percentage rewards on all the shopping they do, as well as earning more when the members become KlikFire IBO's of their own.

Klikfire : Details, Products and Review

Shop To Earn
Online Shopping Portal

According to the website, the goal of Shop to Earn is to empower people to choose a lifestyle of better health and increased wealth. The company has created an affiliate shopping portal that includes major retailers and offers cash back on purchases.

To become a preferred customer on, you must register. In order to learn about the business opportunity, you must contact the person who referred you tho the Shop to Earn site. Preferred customers receive access to the shopping portal.

Shop To Earn : Details, Products and Review

ShopWurld online shopping portal

ShopWurld is an internet mall that gives members the ability to earn a portion of the revenue generated when other people shop online. For those who are not interested in the income opportunity, there is also a Direct Customer Program which allows customers to earn cash back on all their purchases throughout the ShopWurld “mall”.

Shopwurld is located in Satatoga Springs, New York and is a national and international internet based business. In addition to providing members with the opportunity to earn money by shopping or becoming network partners and earning a portion of the proceeds from the spending of others, the company serves as a fundraising vehicle for charitable organizations.

ShopWurld : Details, Products and Review

My Power Mall
My Power Mall Online Shopping Mall

My Power Mall offers and online mall with hundreds of name brand stores. Members shopping in the My Power Mall site will earn shopping rebates on most purchases. The My Power Mall business opportunity is a nine tier shopping rebate program. Rebates earned through shopping online are distributed through nine member levels.

My Power Mall : Details, Products and Review

Big Coop
Online Shopping Mall is an online shopping portal where members earn commission on purchases made online.

Big Coop : Details, Products and Review

Retire on Spending
ROS replicated online shopping portal

Retire on Spending (ROS) offers a personal online shopping portal with various commission and referral levels. Members may enroll free and earn cash back when they shop online. Retire on Spending also offers dental plans, auto-rentals, nutritional and agricultural products, and more.

Retire on Spending : Details, Products and Review

OC Rebates
100% Merchant Rebate Portal, Personal URL

OC Rebates gives members a personal web page address with over 14,000 savings and rebate links, and pays 100% of the referral rebates from hundreds of online merchants. Their partner site is a school fundraising site. $15.00 signup fee for one year, no hidden fees or costs. $5.00 referral commission.

OC Rebates : Details, Products and Review

Americas Future
nutritional products, online shopping mall

From America's Future website: America's Future was created from a concept whose timing and innovation resulted in the formation of a company with a program which is efficient and effective. The company promotes the retail of products from a unique line of cutting edge items. The mission of America's Future is very simple. America's Future offers a fantastic opportunity for all people, regardless of background, education level, or financial strength, to take part in the dreams and rewards that capitalism offers, but more important, strives to maintain a company whose #1 goal is to be PRODUCT DRIVEN. Now is the time, and this is the opportunity for all people who care about the world, themselves, their families, and their futures to share the dream -- working together, creating, and sharing personal and financial rewards through the sale of products.

Americas Future : Details, Products and Review

Discount Home Shopping Club (DHS)
ClubShop Shopping Mall

DHS (Discount Home Shopping Club) markets the ClubShop Online Shopping Mall as well as an international VIP Member Benefits center.

Discount Home Shopping Club (DHS) : Details, Products and Review

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