Source: 2/26/2008

Acai Berry Touted for Health

The "acai" berry is cultivating a multi-billion-dollar juice industry.

Blueberries, grapes, pomegranates oh my! These fruits pack powerful nutrients and antioxidants which protect the body's cells from damage and disease. But there's a new berry in town. Earlier this month, Doctor Oz featured the acai berry on the Oprah show. The berry, found only in the Amazon rainforest, was part of his "ultimate anti-aging checklist."

"It has twice the antioxidants as a blueberry," claims Dr. Oz. "Monavie" is an acai berry juice blend sold by independent distributors like Randy Woodward of Fresno. "You can just drink two ounces in the morning and two at night. And four ounces is equivalent to 14 fruits a day," says Woodward. The juice tastes like a mix of chocolate and blackberries but the cost is not so sweet. A $35 bottle lasts a week. That's four bottles a month, $140/month and $1680/year!

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