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500 S. Geneva Road
Orem Utah 84058
Phone: 866 647 4321

MonaVie was founded in January of 2005 by former Usana VP of sales, Monarch Health Sciences owner, and Dynamic Essentials VP, Dallin Larsen. Dynamic Essentials was closed by the FDA in February 2003. Henry Marsh is co-founder and executive VP of MonaVie.

The MonaVie company structure is multi-level marketing with a hybrid binary compensation plan. The company’s flagship product is MonaVie Active Juice; a proprietary blend of 19 fruit juices including the Acai berry, noted for its high levels of anti-oxidants and nutrients.

MonaVie provides a blend of rare and lesser-consumed fruits to provide a high level of antioxidants and nutrient benefits. Nutrients include Celadrin and Glucosamine.

Monavie is a division of Monarch Health Sciences

MonaVie Owners, Executives and Executive Consultants

Dallin Larsen, CEO
Devin Thorpe, CFO

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Dallin A Larsen / CEO
Devin D. Thorpe / Chief Financial Officer

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MonaVie Topics

MonaVie Acai Berry
The MonaVie Acai Berry (pronounced ( ah-sigh-EE ) grows in the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil on the Acai Palm tree. The berry is smaller than a grape in size, dark purple in color, and the small amount of pulp it offers it outweighed by seed. The seed, comprising almost 90% of the berry, is inedible; though the pulp is said to taste like berry with a light chocolate undertone....

MonaVie Active Juice
MonaVie Active Juice is a blend of acai berry, and 18 other fruits including; cupuacu, acerola, apricot, aronia, apple, blackberry, banana, camu camu, blueberry, bilberry, pomegranate, cranberry, cherry, concorde grape, elderberry, lychee, kiwi, pineapple, passion fruit, pear, prune, prickly pear, purple grape, strawberry, white grape, raspberry, yumberry, and wolfberry or “goji“. Each fruit was chosen specifically for its nutritional value, with the acai berry leading the group in terms of the levels of phytonutrients and anti-oxidants, as well as amino acids, trace minerals, and vitamins....

MonaVie Business
In January of 2005 former Usana VP of sales, Monarch Health Sciences owner, and Dynamic Essentials VP, Dallin Larsen together with co-founder and executive VP Henry Marsh, founded MonaVie. Larsen’s former company, Dynamic Essentials was closed by the FDA in February 2003....

MonaVie Distributor Compensation
The MonaVie distributor compensation plan focuses on a multi-level marketing system with a hybrid binary compensation plan. Distributors have 8 different methods for being compensated spanning bonuses on bulk orders and team commissions, to direct sales and recruitment of new distributors....

MonaVie Research
Analysis conducted on MonaVie research showed that MonaVie Active Juice registered an antioxidant effect which was dependant upon the dosage ingested. The fact that the effect was measurable indicates that certain compositions in MonaVie are able to pass across the membrane of plasma surrounding cells, thereby offering protection from damage caused by oxidation within the cells....

MonaVie Scam
MLM companies are often targeted as scams. In part because of the advertising hype surrounding them and the products, in part because of the compensation plans for the sellers of the product, and in part because the products themselves are in question. Objectively examining companies such as this becomes difficult when most of the informational feedback comes from consumers; themselves either content or disgruntled....

MonaVie Testimonials
MonaVie testimonials range from glowing recommendations from doctors and consumers about a ‘miracle’ product, to scathing reviews from disgruntled former distributors or consumers who experienced no results at all from the juice....

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MonaVie News

Home Business News Archive

MonaVie Faces Foreclosure After Loan Default
May 12, 2015 -- Jeunesse Global is foreclosing on MonaVie Inc. after MonaVie defaulted on a $182 million note. MonaVie sold the note to TSG-MV Financing, LLC in November 2010 for $182 million, secured by the assets of the company. In March of this year, Jeunesse purchased the note from TSG, according to court documents. A press release from Jeunesse described the deal as an acquisition of MonaV...

MonaVie Records 500th Commission Week
South Jordan, Utah - August 01, 2014 -- This week marks a significant milestone for direct selling company MonaVie, who completes its 500th week of paying commissions to its independent distributor sales force. Commissions paid since the company was founded in January 2005 total $1,405,954,677.06.MonaVie distributors can be found in 39 countries throughout the world. The company pays commission...

MonaVie Receives Utah Genius Award
Salt Lake City, Utah, April 15, 2014 -- MonaVie received top honors at the 2014 Utah Genius Awards for their innovation in trademark earlier this month at the Little America Hotel. Bateman IP Law Group and KSL presented the award to MonaVie Vice President of Communications Brian Gill.Utah Genius serves to honor and recognize the people, companies and cities that contribute to the state's growth...

MonaVie Launches 15 Additional European Markets
MonaVie now open in a total of 25 European countries. Salt Lake City, Utah - January 31, 2014 -- MonaVie announces the launch of its EuroConnect program, which brings the MonaVie products and opportunity to an additional 15 countries in Europe, for a total of 25 European countries. The new EuroConnect markets for MonaVie include: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, I...

MonaVie and MORE Project Raise 73K During World Day of Giving
Salt Lake City, Utah, December 11, 2013 -- MonaVie and the MORE Project held the first annual World Day of Giving Saturday, November 30, 2013. Donors from 17 countries-Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Taiwan, United Kingdom and the United States-contributed a total of $73,638. Funds raised will benefit ch...


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