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Analysis conducted on MonaVie research showed that MonaVie Active Juice registered an antioxidant effect which was dependant upon the dosage ingested. The fact that the effect was measurable indicates that certain compositions in MonaVie are able to pass across the membrane of plasma surrounding cells, thereby offering protection from damage caused by oxidation within the cells.

Oxidation of cells occurs naturally through our bodies metabolic activities. Oxidized electrons within the cells that are allowed free movement, create free radicals. Free radicals cause decay within the cells. According to MonaVie research, drinking the proper dosage of the juice will decrease serum lipid per oxidation; or inhibit the decay caused by the free radicals to the fatty acids of the cell membranes.

This research further indicates that not only are the active ingredients of acai berry and 18 other fruits in MonaVie Active Juice capable of decreasing and protecting the health of the cells, but the ingredients were found to work in conjunction with one another; no single ingredient negated or decreased the functionality or power of any other ingredient.

Researchers and medical professionals alike however, continue to emphasize that although many products may provide our bodies with the nutrients and protection necessary to stay healthy overall, patients with serious diseases need to stay their course of medical treatment in addition to any supplementary nutritional treatments, no matter how beneficial.

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