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Andrew Baechler, Chairman and CEO

As Chairman and CEO of Eniva Corporation, Andrew Baechler is the visionary and leading force behind the company’s success. He has been instrumental in the outstanding acceleration of the organization, positioning Eniva as one of the fastest growing companies in America. Eniva has recently been designated by Inc. Magazine as the 728th fastest growing privately held company in the U.S., as well as the 46th fastest growing company in the category of “Health.” Eniva is also the 4th fastest growing private company in the Minnesota Metro, as reported by Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal.

An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Baechler has extensive experience as a top performer with a variety of sales distribution organizations. A dynamic motivator and committed leader, he provides a foundation of experience and values-based success for Eniva’s future. Baechler is personally responsible for determining and overseeing strategic initiatives for the organization. He also attends to business development and expansion, including strategic partnerships, company ventures and other alliances that encompass and promote total body health and wellness.

In addition, Baechler directs the company’s “values-based” charitable activities – where significant impact has been made locally, nationally and internationally. He and Eniva have been featured in publications and on television regarding the positive impact made on communities throughout the world. Baechler also regularly speaks to youth groups and school children about “Academics, Values and the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Action.”

8/15/2008 Source: Eniva Team Page

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