Scott R Bocklund

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Scott R Bocklund, Senior Vice President

As Eniva's Senior Vice President, Scott Bocklund is responsible for overseeing finance-related operations of Eniva, including accounting, strategic planning and forecasting, international expansion, information technology, human resources and technology infrastructure. Bocklund has been President and Chief Operating Officer of a $100 million high-technology manufacturing company, Chief Operating Officer and interim CEO of a $60 million contract manufacturing company, President and CEO of a research and development software company and Chief Financial Officer of two start-up ventures. He has the proven ability to lead and grow organizations from multi-million private and public companies to start-up ventures. Bocklund is a leader in the identification and advancement of key performance drivers to maximize profitability and cash flow. Bocklund has superior management skills in mentoring and developing employees while driving the organization forward in a participative and practical management style. He has a BA in Chemistry, an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Public Accountant.

8/15/2008 Source: Eniva Team Page

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