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Ann Bertsch, Marketing Director

Eniva's Marketing Director, Ann Bertsch, leads creative marketing efforts to develop the Eniva strategic initiatives of providing exceptional promotional support for product, education and training programs. Her work experience is derived from a path of twelve years at Medtronic, Inc., the largest biotech medical products corporation in the world marketplace. As an Art Director in the Cardiac Surgery marketing group, she pursued creative avenues bringing leading-edge design solutions to marketing materials for the international sales force, physicians and surgeons. Bertsch has been awarded numerous design awards, including the International In Awe-Awards (Medical Marketing Association) and the national RX Club Awards (New York Art Directors Association.) With degrees in Art and Finance from Winona State University, Bertsch pursues design excellence with her in-house staff of Eniva marketing professionals, working to foster a successful team environment. Ann looks to the future with great excitement as Eniva's corporate identity and master brand strategies are expanded.

8/15/2008 Source: Eniva Team Page

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