Mary Veloske

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Mary Veloske, Director of Sales Development

As Eniva's Strategic Director of Sales Development, Mary Veloske is responsible for exploring new sales opportunities, ongoing sales promotions and alternative channels to market, including strategic partnerships and alliances. She is a direct liaison with the Eniva Sales force, providing them with the tools and resources to support their independent sales efforts. She also oversees the operations of the Distributor Services, Marketing and Information Technology departments. With an education in Information Management and Library Sciences, Veloske was the former vice president of mediawërks, an international marketing communications firm located in southeastern Minnesota. Her twenty year tenure there included facilitating strategic business planning sessions, developing corporate marketing plans, creating sales campaigns, providing leadership and team development training, coordinating public relations efforts and conducting primary and secondary market research. Her clients included Sprint, IBM, Hoescht Celanese, TRW Automotive, Benchmark Electronics, Watkins and Global One, as well institutions of higher education, various medical centers, municipal governments, telecommunications and utilities companies.

8/15/2008 Source: Eniva Team Page

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